living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

camp camp camp

I love camp. I'm hanging out at Mt. Hermon's Redwood Camp this week, speaking to junior highers. Are you kidding me? My job is to HANG OUT all day with wild and crazy 13 year olds, and then talk to them for 25 minutes a day about Jesus. I can't believe this is my JOB. I can't believe that in less than 6 weeks this is going to be my full time JOB up in WA.


*I got 8 hours of sleep last night.
*I've ziplined twice. Mmm.
*a camper named Rex made me a green scarf that looks like a boa. I'm stoked.
*I am turning pro at dodgeball. Who knew?
*the staff is amazing. they are lovable.
*the kids have my summer drink of choice memorized: iced grande coconut Americano with room, although apparently I say "room" like "rum", and some of them thought that's why I was having so much fun with the microphone in my hand. Hmm.
*We're talking all about CHOICES...choosing to believe, to understand, to forgive, to love (amidst persecution) and to act on what you know/believe, and it's good times. It's working.

Okay, it's beach day in 10 minutes, so I need to go get ready. Continued prayers, if you pray...thanks!

And ps: a shout out to my little brother Brandon and his fiance Melissa who are getting married in Vegas in 48 short hours! Go Brandon! Go Melissa! Go Aleah and Cara who are the flower girls! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

twirls and cartwheels

Last night I sat at Starbucks working on my talks for camp, when I experienced a mini little Jesus epiphany...

Starbucks: little Lauren, five years old….in the free space of Starbucks she just did cartwheel after cartwheel….and every time she would immediately jump back up and she would start all over again. She would point her toes, put one foot in front of the other, raise her hands, and then with the biggest smile on her face, she would do another cartwheel. And her mom and dad (I'm assuming) were sitting right there, and after every time, she would emerge and come up with again just a HUGE smile on her face, and they would clap and say, “good job, Lauren!” And she would do it again, and they would say, “Wow, that was a real good one, Lauren.” And again, she’s even getting a little dizzy, she would do another cartwheel, and the mom would comment, “wow, look at her form…it’s beautiful…do you see how she points her toes? She’s a REAL ballerina.” And finally Lauren, after about 6 or 7 cartwheels in a row on the wooden Starbucks’ floor, fell to the floor itself in a pile of happy giddiness. And her parents and her older sister clapped and clapped. And she melted. She was so happy. They stood up to leave, and Lauren stubbed her toe…immediately the happiness turned into hurt, but they didn’t scold her for running into the table (which how exactly did she miss all the tables before?), but they scooped her up, and they said, “It’s all right, our little ballerina, you’re going to be just fine.” And they carried her out to the car.
And Lauren felt LOVED. Lauren was called by name. Lauren knew, at that moment, and I bet you even out to the car and beyond, that she was worth a million bucks…that she was a superstar…that her identity was SECURE because she was LOVED and she knew it. Through the joy and the pain, she could feel it.

So that story's going to be added into one of my talks this week, and I'm stoked to tell it! Have a great weekend...Josh and Danielle's wedding is TODAY!!! WAHOO!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

to blog or to not blog...that is the question...

In an attempt to further procrastinate from finishing my camp talks, balancing my checkbook, and spending quality time conversing with dear birthday girl Copey who's sitting right next to me, I've officially joined the blogging community. Wahoo! Bloggers of America unite. I am blog savvy.

Mad props are given to my those who inspired me in this blogging endeavor: Brenda Joy, Hannah Grace (look at all these cool middle names!), Sam from Iowa, Kristin (aka: Salty Caulk), Dan and Nabajuice...whose blogs I have secretly become obsessed with. Now the goal was that I might just start a blog on my new Northwest adventure, but what better a time than the present when it's summer vacation!!

So with that said, I blog.

Highlight of the past couple weeks: Jerry and Carrie's wedding weekend. WOW. I love those two. What an honor to even know them; I've never been around such an inclusive, selfLESS couple. I aspire to have a huge chunk of Geels-ness in me when I grow up. As well, this hot first picture is of our "one gig wonder" band, the BBC-squared, who had a most killer time being the wedding singers. (pictured: Bianca Jane, me, Ben Fox and Josh "Box").

Craziness of the past couple weeks: I'm done with teaching. WEIRD! I'm not sure how to even start processing this all, but as I took posters and pictures off the walls, and brought bags of recycling to my car, I realized that it truly is ending. It's the end of an era, perhaps....again, WEIRD. I don't think it will all hit me until the fall.

Finally, Copey and I are sitting next to this OBVIOUSLY blind-date couple the next table over at Lulu's. So far we've learned that they have mutual interests in psychology and white wine dyed red. He just said, "I feel your pain..." That must be a good sign. Oh no, now there's a dead lull.....we'll keep you posted.