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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The 4-ingredient cookbook

I've been stationed in front of my laptop for two days now (trying) to work on my talks for camp the next two weeks. Around and in front of me are various items: a (now empty...yum!) popcorn bowl, Yancey's Soul Survivor, three decks of cards scattered about, today's paper, Shelley's wedding invitation, Sunday's paper, Searching for God Knows What, The Good Earth, receipts to be put in the checkbook, speaking schedules, pens, a Tinkerbell frame missing Tink's head, Tink's head, superglue and four cookbooks. It's organized chaos at its finest, that's for certain. :)

In college there were a couple Christmas' in a row in which my mom decided to "encourage" me in my cooking endeavors. First there was America: the Vegetarian Table (this was the really nice, go big or go home veggie-eaters cookbook); then came Almost Vegetarian (follow my eating life through college...we now started eating fish and chicken); finally, after she realized that I still wasn't cracking any of the books open, came THE 4-INGREDIENT COOKBOOK. We're talking back to the basics, folks. For instance: dirty rice. White rice, margarine, onion soup and beef bouillon. Tada! DIRTY RICE! (You gotta love that that's the page I just turned to...:).

With that said, these cookbooks sit in front of me to remind me of simplicity. I yearn to be reminded to get back to the basics. Following Miller's prompting in his book, I'm trying to remind myself that my relationship with Jesus is about just that: a relationship with Jesus. It's not about a method, formula, recipe, assignment, check-off list or anything else I start to make spiritual or religious. So as I sit here for what seems to be the longest laptop session in America, I'm reminded that I am simply to BE. It doesn't even take four steps to get there.

PS: Tomorrow favorites Hollie W and J-doan and I are going backpacking for three days down in Big Sur. Big Sur is Big Beautiful...check it out:


Mike said...

you do well with TURB and that is, wait, i guess that is only four things.

Melissa Mac said...

I believe you should come to Hawaii and cook for us out of your cookbook. Thanksgiving maybe? :)

caramac said...

Mike, you're right...TRB in its entirety is more than 4 ingredients. I'm a liar. Dang it!
Mrs. Mac, hee hee. How about I come to Hawaii and YOU use my cookbook?! :)