living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, July 25, 2005

camp, camp, camp, Part II

I'm at camp, I love it. As usual. :) This week I'll be hanging out at Wild Oak (which is part of Mission Springs: ) speaking to a fabulously small and intensely personal group of 23 junior highers. There are 18 guys and 5 girls...LOVE IT! Because WO is so relational, much of the week's emphasis is simply hanging out and building relationships with kids. Some quick highlights:

*synchronized swimming in the pool today with the ladies
*quasi baseball with real human moving bases, a noodle bat and a el water.
*a FABULOUS staff.
*Bianca Jane, the director and my dear friend.
*Coffee Cat coconut americanos with room in the morning. Some things never change. :)
*skinboarding-falling contests. Whoever biffs it the best wins. (Side note: I've apparently entered the "I'm not cool anymore" group. "Biffing it" is so 1980's. :)
*Campfire tonite at the beach; we talked about how God is our father and our creator...and reading Psalm 139 by the light of the campfire was magical with the waves crashing in the background.

Thanks for reading up...if you pray, pray for kids' hearts this week! Thanks!


nabajuice said...

you make me miss camp....

which makes me think how sad it will be when we say goodbye to your for now this Sunday....

our loss, our loss....

when will the mac return???

Dan said...

I will surely miss thee. Go learn some youth things, and returneth quickly.