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living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, July 22, 2005

for the love of sweat, dirt, friendships and sulfer

I love backpacking. I love the forest. I love rainforests called Big Sur when it rains and we've forgotten to check the weather forecast. Hollie, Jenny and I just got back from our quick 2-day (plans changed...), 10 miles in, 10 miles out excursion in the Ventana Wilderness. It was AWESOME. It started drizzling when we were about 5 miles in yesterday, but we thought, oh, no big the time we arrived at Sykes Hot Springs it was FULLY raining, though the overhang of trees caught most of the droplets. We were real-life playing the Oregon Trail game (anyone??!!...4th grade:), forging across the river to our campsite. We quickly set up, then trekked to the HOT SPRINGS. Insert sulfer smell, naked friends and rock-slippery slopes and you've got an ideal picture of our encounter. Luckily there was more than one spring to sit in, so the three of us had an epic couple of hours in our own little 100-degree pool. My favorite feeling was simply sitting back on the sand bags (ahhh...), as water droplets fell on our faces.

Dinner last night was DELICIOUS: chili, bisquits and tang. I think I'm still feeling the effects, but you've got to admit that EVERYTHING tastes better when you're camping. Good convos were had, then we played gin rummy and got our butts kicked by J-doan and were asleep by 9:30. :) Finally, this morning we again ate (key theme while camping), and it was gourmet dining to be sure: eggs in a carton, "meat-free, cholesterol-free, soy-protein sausage GIMME SOMEs!", potatoes, Emergen-C and hot chocolate! The hike out today was hard, being that we had just hiked in less than 24 hours before. It was hot, the blisters abound on my feets as do the bruises on my hips from the backpack, but it was WELL WORTH IT and I'm proud of us. :)

That's about it; Sarahpowell and I are having a campout in her backyard tonite, so I must get ready one more time for camp-fest 2005! Backyard campout, anyone else? Sign me up!


Jennifer Davis said...

Hey Cara, just wanted to let you know that I read up on your camping excursion... it was AWESOME to see you on Saturday morning! You're in my prayers!

Mike said...

hey campy camperson when are you speaking at camp? maybe i will drop by and heckle your gospel/invitation/decision night.

Mike said...


caramac said... was RAD seeing you; thank you for being dear to my heart. Fletchie, I'm at WO this week and Frontier next...heckle away, teach. :)