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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I used to like Ebay...two days ago.

Ebay is the devil. The background: I'm moving to WA in 3 1/2 weeks and I need to buy a bike rack for my saucy garage sale beach cruiser (because I'll definitely need that in Auburn!), and my GI Joe's 1997 mountain bike special. I check out REI. Oh, way too expensive. Bennett-friend emails me some ebay bike rack specials; well that seems like a good idea, I think to myself. So I join Ebay....and it goes downhill from there. Instead of using my noggin to realize that by bidding on two bike racks I might just WIN two bike racks, I don't. I get so excited about this new-found bidding passion. $31. Congrats, you're the highest bidder! Then the discouraging email comes: YOU'VE BEEN OUTBID. So I bid again...and again...and again...and I get home from working out today to realize that I've got LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES on bid #1, and I'm losing! Be the highest bidder, Cara. Come on, you can do it! So what do I do? $46 later, I bid again, and I win! But then I remember: I'm already winning another $36 bike rack.

Help, help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda! I don't want or need two bike racks, yet according to the world of Ebay, I'm in a binding contract! Is anyone out there Ebay-licious? Can you unbid from an Ebay bid? I just might not be able to show my face on Ebay do I get out of this? I have less than 12 hours! (PS: I think I changed the settings so that ANYONE can comment; you don't have to be a blogger member...tell me if that's true, kids).


cade said...

have they both closed? if own two bike racks. if not, all you can do is pray and hold tight. you can't unbid.

this sounds like my mother's foray into the world of ebay. she thought that bidding was her way of "bookmarking" the things she was interested in. the first two weeks, she bought like $500 worth of dishes.

best of luck, with ebay AND with the move.

Gibbytron said...

Hmmmm, you're in quite a perdicament. I would simply pray that somebody outbids you in the final hours. Of course, you can also shamelessly promote the auction now. Heck, I'll do it for you:


Brenda Joy said...

LOL -- Ebay is Evil!!! I did the same thing recently, and at the very last minute someone outbid me on the second pair of jeans I was biding on (WHEW!) I'm holding my breathe waiting to hear how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

Check me out i'm bloggin big time..

caramac said...

To all: I was outbid in the final MINUTES. THANK GOD. WHOOPEE. Cade, I'm apparently just like your mother...:) Gibby, it worked! Brenda Joy, let's start an Ebay is evil club. Anonymous, who are you dating in your head right now? ha ha ha......

james said...

Glad to hear you survived the ebay thing. I seldom care to bid on ebay unless i really have to.

Dude kuj...we are reading many of the same books at present. How cool is that! And what up...i made it to your list of links!? i am very honored. :)

Anonymous said...

if i am not mistaken, you can retract your bid on ebay...they don't like it and you will get "ding" by your name...but it is possible to back out prior to the auction ending...i know this is late, but you can use it for future reference.