living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

ode to a couple flower women

Once upon a time (okay, yesterday...) my bitty baby brother, Brandon, got married to a fabulous girl, Melissa. To Vegas we the Navy and God Bless America we dedicated the wedding colors - red, white and blue. To childlike FUN sister Aleah and I were the flower WOMEN, and man (!), you should have seen how we threw those rose petals into the 113 degree Vegas wind and heat, all over the laps and faces of the patrons of the (to-be) MacDonald's par-tay. Many laughs and a few snorts were had by all (although the snorts were probably more my own). It was a fantastic time just being with family....

And now, it's not really an ode, but it's a shout out to two beautiful favorites: Danielle and Josh Fox who got married June 25th. They are another one of those couples that I want to be like when I grow up....I need and want to have a little Fox-iness in me to a) up the coolness factor, and b) up the loving Jesus, loving others factor. They are one to watch.


Gibbytron said...

Nice pics. Ok, now I'm feeling weird, am I the only one that knows how to comment on these things?

nabajuice said...

I like that you can see a rare candid smile on DK's face in the background of Josh and Dani with cake! You are right, they are amazing friends who are worthy of imitation....but so are you.

Mike said...

ok mrs mac, here we are together in blogville

thanks for a good party monday eve
and thanks for pushing in on my borders

caramac said...

Gibby....thanks for always posting....other people write to my email, but it's nice to know it's not going into thin air. :)
Nabajuice....thanks for your encouragement, and indeed, I love the background pic of dan's candid!
Fletchie...I like pushing in on your borders...I read your blog tonite and am still left with questions in regard's to Monday night's convo. I don't think it's soon over. Let the bordering-strikedown begin.

james said...

Dearest Kujo:

First we met in hats o' red dangling amisdt the redwoods, whilst I hovered carefully by, souring your nasal palate...

And we meet again amidst a tangled sphere of webloging.

At least your sense of smell is safe in this medium. :)

love zig