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living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

down with biscotti

This morning, upon getting to the YL office, I thought it'd be a brilliant idea to try and figure out how to work the espresso took me awhile, but as a former Starbucks barista, I wasn't completely ignorant of the task at hand. Despite an explosion, smoke, and a shot that looked like dirty polluted water, the second shot was a success; I rummage through the cupboards and even find a box of biscotti to go with my coffee!

While manning the desk for a little bit, I coffee and biscotti it up. As I'm about halfway through the biscotti, dip, eat, drink, dip, eat, drink, I notice that there's still some coffee left on the biscotti. It looks almost like cream got clumped biggie, that happens to biscotti. Yes, biggie, it was a little WORM!!!!!! EWWW!!! I spit it out as fast as I could and threw the biscotti across the room. I ran into the bathroom and started spitting and rinsing out my mouth as fast as humanly possible. Are you kidding me?! Mini worms in biscotti?! SICK! Or as my friend Hannah would say, STUPID.... (I love you, Hannah).

I don't know if I'll ever a) eat again, or b) (and more importantly) have coffee and biscotti ever again. I shudder just thinking about it. How many worms now crawl inside my body? Why is it that whenever anything slightly touches or brushes up against me, I jump and almost wet myself wondering if it's one of those disgusting little worms. I may have worked at camp where little smokies and mini tacos were a staple item but worms? Worms are altogether too much.

PS: Live. Love. Laugh. :)


Brenda Joy said...

That was by far my best laugh today. Thankyou. I just had the best mental image of you throwing the biscotti worm across the room :-) LOL

cade said...

that reminds me of a story involving a bowl of grape-nuts. but, i won't get into it now.

and, if it makes you feel any better, if you did ingest any worms, they surely didn't survive the journey.

Dan said...

that is a sign.... the worm says you shall one day move back to santa cruz.......

caramac said...

B-joy: I am here to make you laugh. Send me email addresses of those ladies.
Cade: I share your pain. I love grapenuts, so maybe keep grapenuts and worms on the DL around me.
Dan: so not only does god speak through a donkey, but worms too? Sweet!

Thegoodz said...

I can relate, i'm reading this laying on my big ole couch suffering from a worm that crawled up inside my body. I'm pretty sure that it isn't the kind that comes on biscotti, but is the kind that makes you pray to the porcilin god all night long.
Know your loved,
p.s any hang out time with dlund?

Gibbytron said...

mmmmmm... biscotti. dude, you still hailing from scotts valley?



Mike said...

had the same experience with rice crispies...

still gives me the willies to think of it...

caramac said...

SG, hope the internal worm is gone.
Gibby, you're in CO! no more hailing from SC for you either.
Fletchie, our experiences unite us. No more breakfast foods for us!