living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, August 22, 2005


It's 3:03 pm....yesterday at this time dear buddy Aaron and I were starting our near 8 hour jaunt back from Keizer to Seattle. While in the car, quite a bit of good thinking time was had...and in thinking about what TODAY would bring, I thought about what I was most excited about in this land called Washington, and what I missed the most about the land called California.

MFD. My First Date!....with a Young Life kid. :) Ha ha, I know some of you just got SO excited that I may have actually gone on a real live date with a real live boy over the age of....well, eligible. :) Nope. There's nothing like this heartfelt glee feeling when a kid calls you for the first time and wants to hang out on their time, and on their turf. I love it. So my 13 year old buddy Nicole and I just went to Starbucks for some frappuccino fun, and then went to her house to see her lime-green room and talk about Napoleon Dynamite. My first date. 13 going on 30?

TRB. Tofu, Rice and Broccoli (and spinach in parenthesis). Roommates of America, I am TRYING my hardest to convert the masses of the west coast to the delightful experience of TRB, but so far, few and far between are the takers. Now for those of you who have never experienced the Monday night fun, not only is the grub de-lish, but it's a whole body experience. (Scotty G, would you attest to this?). So friends, I desire for the whole world to delight in TRB...but like every other lesson I'm learning right now, it takes time...patience is a virtue, etc etc.

Tell me your favorite acronym of the day. love CHM.


Thegoodz said...

I just got baack from kidder with yo old roomie and TRB extrodinaire ESA. Good times.
I do attest, it does wonders for the soul.