living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the new "schedule"

Well, I just finished day two of my new job...I can't believe this is my job, that I'm blessed and believed in enough to simply DO young life full time. For starters, here was today's "schedule":

*7:07: wake up, take shower to meet ANNA HALL ANDERSON!
*7:45: coffee at Zoka's in Seattle with Anna...get coffee and scones, walk around Greenlake.
*8:30ish: drive to work
*9:15ish: arrive at work and set up more pics and books in office
*9:30ish-10:30ish: have a meeting with new boss Shawn, admin Ginger and parttimer Kim, discuss CAMP
10:30ish-11:45ish: play on Internet looking for books on middle school kids and reading up on the YL website for resources
noon: meet HS girl Christy for Starbucks...we're leading a cabin together at Wildhorse tomorrow.
1ish: go to Fred Meyer's, Walmart and the dollar store with Christy to find stuff for kids at camp. We bought kids' goggles and water wings; we're going to look hot.
2ish: head back to the office...write thank you cards and chat with Anna, Shawn's wife. Cool girl.

And then I went home....ran around Greenlake...ate white cheddar shells...watched There's Something About Mary...laughed...chatted with fabulous roomie Jen. It's hard not to want my schedule all laid out, like I was so used to with teaching, but it's GOOD. Upon meeting almost 140 kids and leaders tomorrow AM at 6:30, that's when the real fun is going to start. We head to YL's Wildhorse Canyon down in Oregon and will be back on Sunday. Until then, all hail the green and white, everyday. (Green and's).

Finally, here are some pics from last night. We had SUCH a fun dessert time pretending like we were our very own MIX/Coldstone....Danny, Aaron, Josh and Brenda and Jen and I hung out. It's epic to me because all my different worlds come together in community (ie: high school, PLU, Santa Cruz...all in Seattle now). It's a glimpse of heaven. The hot dog - that's Zeke, Brenda and Josh's 4 month old mastiff puppy. Hot stuff.


Dan said...

But I don't see on you daily schedule:

7:10-7:15 AM pray for vintage faith church

11:35-11:36 miss VFC and the leaders especially

1:14 think about robert namba and wonder what he is doing

7:45-11:45 4 solid hours of weeping and praying for VFC

Thegoodz said...

Give good old lund a big kiss for me..Why do two of my amazing friends have to move to seattle?