living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

this I love...

This I love about Frontier Ranch: skits. theme skits. blue punch. the chicken walk. microphones. Jesus. reading corner at the nurse's station. sunshine. campfire. cabin creations. carpetball. the wagon wheel. dancing before campfire. games that stink with two people. eating meals with cabins. girls who throw footballs. the big hill that always makes you winded no matter how many times you've walked up and down it. primetime. song cards. devos. camp names. kujo. duke. chops. spicy chicken. (those are the ones I see right in front of me...). the pool. the pool trail. Coffee Cat when it's time to work on my talks. worship. kids going crazy. making purple. the barn. the donkey that won't shut up. laughing. snorting. chats with kids under the willow trees. high fives. God in the bod. Abba.

It's a GREAT's good being back at FR...I love just sitting back, watching, as kids live life to the fullest and the staff just go for it as well. My talks are a minor part of the big picture, but I'm learning names and getting little chats in and winning the right to be heard for 25 minutes each night. It's good just to BE. love kujo:)


Gibbytron said...

You live life to the fullest, and for that you inspire me.

cade said...

you just made me smile a little. it feels like an eternity since those days. i'm glad that the experiences are still kicking for the kids and for folks like you, kujo.

this gobo misses that place...just not the pool trail.

Thegoodz said...

your a beautiful person miss mac.

nabajuice said...

oh my I miss camp right now!

caramac said...

Bennett: thanks for the encouragement.
Eric: thanks for being Gobo.
Scotty: I am beautiful your sweet, sweet song. ha ha ha. happy b-day.
Rob: Together we love camp. We're a rare breed. :)

Mike said...

hey slick, gonna miss you. hope you do well up north. sorry i was late to your going away party and also that i was a little drunk. but you know me and you know why and you know that i will miss you.