living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, September 26, 2005

fan favorites...

Let me set the scene: CSI is on in the background. They just chopped off a finger, a dead man's finger, of course. The plot is thickening...the roommates think I'm utterly obsessed with the show, but I think I just like playing it up a little bit. Me, dramatic? Nooooo. I got back from a few minutes with Anna and Joe tonite, to celebrate hat night with the roommates. Here follows a picture of Cara-I-want-sunshine-Mac, Jen-this-hat-just-matches-my-outfit-Baumie, and my Shanoni, aka: God-this-house-is-freezing, the fan favorite. Then there's a pic of Amy and Ryan; hmmm....they're cute and just friends (no comment), though he doubles as our 5th roomie. :) I'll soon be moving down to Auburn, and will dearly miss these girls (and boy), but am excited for the relationships to continue even in welcome-to-suburbia land.

Okay, so I know that my posts generally revolve around the following subjects: middle schoolers, Young Life, missing California, TRB and other such enlightening objects of my affection. True to form, today was my first day at Mt. Baker MS, where I'm starting up/leading work is one of those scary endeavors, no matter how many times you've been out to a school to meet and (hopefully) connect with kids, no matter how old - or young - you are, no matter how "cool" or uncool you perceive yourself to be. Going where kids are at is a fundamental part of this ministry, and as I made my way out to the school today I felt like the biggest geek, loser, nerd, etc., under the sun. I walked into 8th grade lunch, hoping to connect with the staff, ie: LUNCHROOM MONITORS, while I secretly surveyed the scene. What a JOY, a relief to spot my Campaigner girls, and for them to actually ACKNOWLEDGE me in the big, scary lunchroom! Suddenly it wasn't so big and scary anymore, with the girls running up to me, grabbing me to go and meet their friends...I was reminded how much it matters to a kid to simply be be remembered and called by be asked questions because someone actually thinks they're cool. I don't think I've ever been that excited to have set foot in a cafeteria - but what a good place it is.

I was talking to Marshie earlier tonite, and it's rad simply realizing that this is where I'm supposed to be right now...after lunch I went to help in a 6th grade reading class, to again, meet more kids. It was the first time I've been in a classroom since June, when I was the teacher...I wondered if there'd be a power struggle in my own heart. I wondered if I'd yearn to be in that spot again, with a stack full of papers to grade and a classroom of kids looking to me as THE ONE. And even though the kids were cute, and even though I miss the everyday interaction with students, I don't miss the role. This past weekend we had our leader retreat, and I saw how my time in the classroom served to prepare me for such a time as this. I taught two seminars: the developmental stages of middle schoolers, and the theological "why's" of Young Life, how it's not the healthy but the sick who need a doctor. And what an adrenaline rush to teach something I'm passionate about! I'm not ruling out teaching, but I do know that I'm where I'm supposed to be at right now, and that's good. :)

CSI continues. Life continues. TRB, even though I still haven't found many true takers, still continues on this side of the California border.


Gibbytron said...

Keep on keepin' on my friend...

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Cara Mac, it's so exciting to see how God is affirming your call to serve in A-town in SO many ways. Go Wyldlife. Go Cara. Go God.
I love being your friend,
Anna Anderson

Smarshie said...

Cara friend, SO good to talk to you last night. I am so happy for you and all the events going on in Auburn. =)

caramac said...

Gibby: you do the same. Keep on keepin'. Word.
A-Anderson: thanks for being my biggest cheerleader in LIFE.
Marshie: Love you. Loved the chat. Keep walking around skypark and calling me. I like that. :)

Melissa Mac said...

Hello Sis!!

Just want to say how excited I am to have you coming out here for Thanksgiving!!! Yay!