living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, September 16, 2005

proud mary keep on burning...and other such ramblings

Oh the joys of looking for a place to live...this afternoon I picked up YL girl Christy and took her with me to look at a place on Tapps Island for rent. Eccentric near-70 year old Mary met us in the driveway, dressed completely in go-big-blue Friday teacher attire. The place itself is B-E-A-utiful...and it'd be another lake location, which continues to up the "epic-ness" of Washington. The water sits 30 feet in front of me, and I'd have the whole basement to myself. Still a basement, this would differ from the current Hobbit Hole location in that it a) doesn't smell like basement, b) doesn't have little creatures running around in the night, and c) doesn't have cute roommates (sad...) but a loveable Mary instead. But the question remains: is the Mare-dog going to be too much to handle? Is she too much Mary? I'm looking at a couple more places next week, but if I did join this place, I'd have the instant three "b's" added to my social life: Bingo, Bunko and Book Club. No joke. :)

More fun: last night Mt. Hermon turned-WA-transplant friends Patrick and Vander (and Liz and Phil) and I got to DO THE PUYALLUP, aka: the Western Washington State Fair. "You can do it with a trot, you can do it with a can do it till your heart just palpitates...just don't be late...DO THE PUYALLUP!" Indeed, Patrick and I got to work the Young Life teriyaki booth last night, ringing up the meal-of-a-deal with our new Central City (ie: inner-city Tacoma) friends. Granted, we chose to "do the Puyallup" by working at a food booth and thus get in free and score the forementioned meal, but I was amazed even by the number of LOCALS who chose to pay a 10 dollar entrance fee, buy a 10 dollar meal, all to come in and spend more money on ugly oversized stuffed frogs and the like in fair memorabilia. Maybe I just still have some getting used to do of the Northwest again, but is this always what the fair's been like? Is it THE place to be seen in the Pacific Northwest? (Don't get me wrong...we had fun...I enjoyed watching Patrick put up with my stupid comments toward complete well, I loved the free chocolate milk samples and "pick your favorite carnie" game...).

So finally, tomorrow is dear ones Josh and Brenda's wedding; as I sat across the table from the two of them tonite, I was overcome by a combination of amazement, joy, gratitude and warmth. It's rare to have buddies who have walked through many different life stages and still chosen to, well, walk alongside you. It was fun remembering back to our 8th grade days, and then to think that tomorrow Josh is going to be a husband and someday a DAD....and what a JOY it's going to continue to be to walk alongside the two of them! You know when you just SO believe in a person that it simply OOZES out of you? So good, so so good.

It's good to choose to see the's good to choose to live in the's good to run with what's in front of us instead of dwelling on what we left behind or what the unknown has yet to present. Good. Good.


jimz said...

way 2 do the poo! :P