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living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


With this post's title, I know it has the possibilities to be just that: a SUPER FLY, super duper hip hop happening post. But no, it's not. Yesterday was attack of the killer fly day. Last night, as I sat on the loveseat in my hobbit hole, minding my own business, reading a book, I hear the annoying pesky buzzing of a fly. I look up and I don't see a little fruit fly...I don't even see a regular house, I see a fly the size of a small country. And this thing buzzed around like he owned the place. Well, I may be eco-savvy, but not enough so that I'm going to let him rule the mountain; with book in hand, I approached the little (big!) bugger and swatted (is that a word?) my heart out. Instead of the Lord of the Flies falling to his death, crusty chunks of the hobbit hole ceiling come down upon my make-shift pile-o-blankets bed. I watch his every move, and again he lands, and again I swat...and again, though I can't see him, the buzzing continues, then it dies down. Oh, he chose to die in peace, in the opposite corner of the room, I think to myself. Suddenly the buzzing starts up again, and as I look out of the corner of my right eye, I see him approaching, going straight towards my face! It was no turning back: he flew RIGHT into me, and I'm just like DEATH BY SICK NASTY FLY DISEASE! No, I can't die like this! I swat the air violently, knocking off my glasses, hoping that he's not getting tangled in the rat's nest ponytail of hair.

And that was the end of it; I know, rather anti-climatic, but I wonder if that was his last battle. He fought the good fight. He ran the race. And in the end he wasn't going down without a fight. My face suffered the wrath of Superfly. So the question remains: like the biscotti worms that now infest my digestive track, will the fly puke/guts/poop/EGGS now infest my face? It makes me shiver just to think about it....advice?


Brenda Joy said...

I laughed so hard -- such a fabulous mental picture I had... thank you!

Mike said...

ooo... fly poop on the face... now that is sexy... come on baby

Gibbytron said...

Just wear one of those Michael Jackson face masks and you'll be fine... Ow!

aleahmac said...

now if you start getting some weird rash that sounds like its buzzing all the time...getting crackly...don't swuish don't want the insect eggs to explode in your cheek...
so i sounded like i had terrets laughing at this story... "yess so my sister got tackled and kidnapped by a killer (meow) fly!!!"
very nice. hehehe. caio caio