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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

dear god, help the domestication

I am ANTI, against, not for the domestication of (my own) self. Now I'm not really sure why I loathe the thought of kitchens and cooking and playing that role, but this past weekend I went down to Keizer, normal as can be, to visit Dan and Noel (moms and pops!), and came back domesticated. I tell you, it started with the bed, and it's been downhill ever since. Saturday Mom and I went to Target, and I don't think I've seen her so excited in YEARS; I'm pushing the cart as slow as it might go, weary of stepping foot into the spatula aisle and she's bouncing ahead, three aisles in front of me, gleefully envisioning my future muffin trays and silverware sets. Part of me doesn't want to embrace OWNING stuff....part of me doesn't want to embrace COOKING meals...part of me just doesn't want to embrace GROWING UP, which to my parents is the funniest part. According to birth certificate records and such I'm the oldest, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I play the role accordingly.

So I went to Keizer a free woman and left Keizer with the trunk full: a toaster oven, pots and pans, MFM (my first mop!), a matching towel set...the list goes on. Who am I? What is this place called Washington doing to my so-called (former) life? Okay, so maybe it's kindof fun....but that's just a little bit of a kindof....give me another five years and maybe I'll cook you a meal. For now I'm holding on to slipping ground...but laughing about it nonetheless. If you have thoughts on how I might better embrace this new lifestyle - dear God, help a sista out.

With hugs and hot pads, cara:)


Brenda Joy said...

Cara! That was such a good chuckle for me! Your horror is my favorite isles of Target :-) When are we gonna see you again! Soon I hope!

Anonymous said...

Poor dotter-dearest....I didn't realize the trauma you were experiencing as YOU chose the towels and YOU talked of your bathroom and kitchen colors. Sorry if I was so excited, but you kept your purchases quite under control and lest we digress...sensible! LIke I said before, you have to have the tools so others can cook for you in your new digs!!!!!
Love Muddah

Anonymous said...

You are now the Domestic Queen! Love that. I'm looking forward to helping you find a classy welcome doormat. Maybe on the 28th? I love you Rev. Mac!
Your friend, Anna Anderson

caramac said...

BJ- hence why I come to your house for dinner and not vice-versa. :) can't wait to see you next week!
Mom- I know I was a bit biased in the blog....that's the point....I can't have people thinking that I was slightly excited, can I? :)
Anna- I welcome your door mat, and I welcome you at my door! :)

Gibbytron said...

Ahh yes, welcome to a whole new world o' fun! Now all you need to do is make a trek to God's Store (aka Costco), and you'll be set! Woo woo!

)(( hannah mello ))( said...

i am laughing outloud right now. you crack me up. i love it. love it. love it. :) embrace it, baby.

Mike said...

you have always seemed good at the domestic stuff to me... or at least the hosting thing... which i value highly seeing as i seem to arrive at parties in the Social Short Bus...

caramac said...

Bennett- Costco is scary mary, man.
H-mello- denial is the first step. Embracing it must be the 16th or 17th step.
Fletch- I love being the hostess, just not the cook. :)