living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the good news...

The good news: I've met a lot of Mt. Baker parents lately.

The bad news: I've been asked twice in the past two days if I'm the parent of one of the kids. Hello! Now I know I haven't been carded lately, but do I look like I had a baby of my own at age 13? I suppose the parents are just wondering what the heck I'm doing hanging out at middle school soccer and fastpitch games, but a parent? Me? Laughable.

The good news: I made it to the last 23 minutes of BREAKFAST CLUB this morning with North Tapps MS. Team leader (and co-worker) Ginger did a great job speaking...I love her subtle sarcasm that middle schoolers don't really get yet...I loved the slipper contest and cereal bar. And it's an ingenious idea for late-start mornings.

The bad news: club was an hour and a half long. I still don't know my way around here and get lost everywhere I go (this time for almost an hour...I ended up down in Buckley if any of you know where that is...but I did have a rad chat with Joanna J from SC!).

The good news: my old YL girls, Jenn and Tina, who have now graduated from PLU (go Lutes!) came over for dinner last night. Soooo good seeing them.

The bad news: Tina said I have less food in my fridge than her bachelor brother. I need to work on being a better hostess. With the mostess.

The good news: I ate dinner with Heather and Kelly, who live upstairs. They made spaghetti and caesar salad and bread.

The bad news: I felt like tofu. All you meat-lovers out there are starting scream in bold disbelief.

The good news: for a day or two this summer I contemplated eating hamburgers again, and I did: I had two, for the first time in 8 years!

The bad news: I'm reading Fast Food Nation, and have officially given up that contemplation.

Life is good. Starbucks is fun. I love my new buddies up here, especially the intern peeps, who have become a part of my life every week or two now. I'm all about it. Friday I'm taking a half-day of solitude at this MANSION on Skagg (Snagg?) Island, which is about 20 minutes away from here. I'm amped for five hour of time with just me and JC and maybe a hot bevie too. :) Campaigners is tomorrow AM at 6:30...I'd better hit the hay. Word to your pillow.


Thegoodz said...

Good news: Cara Mac makes me smile

Bad news: She lives in stinkin washington..

How goes life and love my friend

Mike said...

"...I love her subtle sarcasm that middle schoolers don't really get yet...I loved the slipper contest and cereal bar. And it's an ingenious idea for late-start mornings"

all reasons why i am NOT in YM anymore...

and all good reasons why i am stoked there are people like yourself who like that stuff so kids will be loved...

aleahmac said...

so caramacdaddy this blog reminds me of a paper (why i remember this??) that you wrote in 5th grade in mr lisonbee(?)'s class about a boat sinking that said unfortunately, fortunately///about 50 was a fun paper. fun blog. you go girl.
i'm off to eat, sleep more, shower before sleeping more, and at some point welcome cute chris back to italy.. we just climbed up and down 7 flights of stairs multiple times after stacking and unstacking boxes for 4hours this am... sunday am... its great. joyful week...aaaaarf
ciaoooo... have a gorgeous day sissssta~~~~ aleah