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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

re and to trot!

I just rolled in from NYC a couple hours ago. My eyes can't decide if they want to stay open or quickly close. My ears are still faintly ringing from the dancing-queen music last night. My stomach continues to not want to eat for the next 48 hours because it tasted so much best-food-in-America goodness this past weekend. And my heart. O heart! It SMILES because it was one of those soul-filling weekends.

So Rebecca's her name. Otherwise known as Re, Rerun, Rere, (Return, Rebarb, and every other "re" name in the book), we met the summer of 2001 at Frontier Ranch. She and Whistler were the LIT coordinators, and Woofy and I were the program team. Somehow we just clicked, were roomies for two months, sang "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows..." together and developed this REdiculous bond that summer that has continued on for the past four years. For me, the summer of 2001 was my "golden summer"; the leadership girls - Re, Copey, Nystrom, Kristen and I - gelled, and I haven't laughed so hard or partially-peed my pants as many times with Kurt as that summer allowed....anyways, Santa Cruz and Simi Valley visits happened, a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving two years ago happened, lots of snail mail/email and phone calls happened, and then a little over a year and a half ago she met this guy named TOM.

Vote for Tom. He's the bomb. No doubt, it's one of the coolest things to see your friends cheesily "completed" (ie: Jerry Maguire), but when it happens, it's GOOD. You see sides to them come out that were there before but hadn't really been tapped see them bring out the best in each other, as that other person makes them want to be a better person. And even if you weren't able to picture who that "one" would be, you finally see it, and it's just like, oh...yeah...that's right. So I finally got to meet Tom this weekend, and that guy is QUALITY. I love how he ADORES Re, yet gives her the complete freedom to simply SOAR in who she is. They're getting married in two weeks, so down to CA I'll trek. Can't wait.

In the meantime, the bridesmaids all flew to NYC for the bachelorette party! Hello! A bachelorette party in NYC - are you kidding me? Yeah, it was pretty epic. Without giving away the "what happens in NYC stays in NYC" secret bachelorette party rituals, here are some fan favorites: the combo sushi/latin flair dinner at CITRUS with Tom and Re the first night; SHOPPING, especially at H & M; getting to know the other bridesmaids - Rachel, Jill, Amy K, Amy S, and Alyssa; just being around my friend...hee hee; hmmm...what am I allowed to say? Finally, last night we had dinner at this AMAZING apartment on the Upper West Side and then went dancing until 3 this morning....I love going dancing with the ladies and just dancing. Just girls with cute shoes that hurt after half an hour who just want to dance and guard each other from the slimy boys in suit jackets. God bless Madonna and what she did to Saturday night dance parties, that's all I have to say.

So I left for La Guardia (airport) this morning at 5, slept off and on, and had good times playing gin rummy and golf on the plane with Mike, a proud father and grandfather from Federal Way. Presh. I thought he was going to run off with my bag at one point, but he was just being nice and carrying it off the plane for me. Love it. (one more side note: Josh P and Mel...if you're reading this, you're going to need to explain the rules to me one more time...if you pick up a card from the deck, you can't look at the one you're switching with, right? Hmmm).

Besides that, I am excited to just have down time, right now at 3:31 in my lil' basement-apartment. One more thought: WOW. Love the Mary. Mary, from team Brian and Mary, was up here last week doing some training at World was good just BEING with another soul-friend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights...LOVED dinner with Mel on Monday...loved back-to-high school Red Robin fun with go-interns-friend Jessica on Tuesday....LOVED down time with her, looking at wedding magazines and just getting excited for what she and Brian have in store...altogether, it was just GOOD.

PS: so you want to meet Tom the Bomb now? Of course you do....just wait for pics from the wedding, though. :)


Smarshie said...

I can't believe you all flew out to New York! You guys are so cool. =)

princessracer said...

Your coming back to California? You have to stop by!!


caramac said...

Marsh: next time, you and me, baby. We're going to a show!
Steph- sad.....I'm flying straight to Burbank and won't be stopping in SJ/SC, but I might be down there around late December/January. ????

Gibbytron said...

Much love to Miss Mac and the Big Apple...