living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

the three L's

So my blog is called LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH. As I sit here in my cute new living room, I must reflect on the 3 L's so that I'm true to my mantra. (Mantra - is that the right word?)

LIVE. Campaigners this morning at 6:30. 8th grade lunch and meeting the following kids: Kara and Klara. Kelly and Krista. Kady and Cassie. Yaneli. Alex. Jerrance. Trying to get to the girls' fastpitch game at a nearby middle school, and ending up at the boat dock in Sumner. Oops. Intern training Tuesday and Wednesday. Car time with Josh the Parn-star. Asking questions and not being afraid to open up. Confidence of self in Jesus. Incredible one hour Jesus time the past three days. Mmm.

LOVE. Talking with Miss Davis on the phone. Talking with Jessica, my new intern friend who calls me C-Ra, princess of power, on the phone. Sitting here in the living room tonite with my 14 year old buddy, Nicole, just BEING together, reading, writing and pedicure-ing. :) Shawn, my boss and friend, who stops what he's doing to put me first. Sending out an email to the Mt. Baker staff, and receiving a reply within three minutes from a Christian teacher. Epic emails from Shelley, Hannah and Re. Intern training...MEAT. Good people.

LAUGH. One word answers from middle schoolers who really don't know what to make of a girl like me. The superstar teacher, Corrie, whose class I'm helping out with; a snort finally came out today in the midst of our "secret teacher talk." I was reminded how quickly rapport goes out the window. :) Game time with the interns. Josh in the car: down with his bad "black" self, singing the gospel music...the gargling olympics, while driving the Silver Bullet. Tessa, one of my girls, who when she answered the phone yesterday, sounded like a man. "Why's your voice so low?" "I'm cold." "And being cold makes your voice drop two octaves?" "Yes." (even lower).

I love it. I want my heart to be bursting with joy, so much so that laughter flows freely. I want to be purposeful in how I live, and in what I choose to do. Maybe I am right where I'm supposed to be...


Thegoodz said...

Come on fill me in, what's really going on in the "love" category. Everybody I know gets hooked up in Seattle, that place just breeeeds it.

Smarshie said...

MAYBE you're right where you're supposed to be?? I'd say FOR SURE!

Jenn said...

Cara, Hey sorry I didn't call you back...will be doing that today. I told Tina you called...i love you...and we will all get together.

caramac said...

SG- thanks for mad props in the LUV category.
Smarshie- love you, thanks for encouragement!
Jenn- can't wait to see you...maybe next week?