living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Books read/finished over vacation: 5! (1st and 2nd Chronicles of Narnia, Basic Christianity, The Spirituality of Fundraising, and Growing Up Too Fast...).

EPIC days at the beach: 4

Sunburns: 0!

Days I got to sleep in: 4

Times I laughed at my brother's subtle side comments: at least 92

Phase 10 games: 2

Coconut bubble teas: 4, 5?

Times Melissa made an icky face at my nasty bubble tea pearls: 4, 5?

Pieces of pumpkin pie, during and after Thanksgiving: 2, 3...

Hot bevvies consumed: mmm, at least 2 a day

Times I pretended to be a dolphin in the warm ocean water: at least 30

Pieces of tofu eaten at dinner with Tyler and Christen: hmmm...probably around 23

Pages read in "Prince Caspian" while illegally scooping sand into a baggie: 8

Times I checked myself out in the hot new moccasins and/or fabulous new fake chanel sunglasses: around 32 "mirror mirror on the wall" times

Times I squealed with glee because I was in HAWAII: 1,095+++

Key conversations with Brandon and Melissa about growing up, differences and similarities, Young Life, Jesus, religion vs. relationships and everything in between: PRICELESS. I am blessed.

I know that I'll probably be written off your list of friends if I continue to gush over the trip, but it truly was a vacation, a rest, a smile, and a filling heart-time. I am glad to be back. In between reading "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and watching "Must Love Dogs" on the plane yesterday, I met a really cool couple from Magnolia in Seattle. We clicked quickly, probably because their son was flirting with me. Though he's only 14 months, I'm really thinking that I might pursue this relationship....with his mum and pop, of course. Dirty little minds.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a BLESSING.


Anonymous said...

Good times, Good times, Good times. Next adventure...Jingle Bell Run! GO team, Anna

Melanie said...

UM, sounds as if it was just dreamy in Hawaii...I'm a wee bit jealous. Maybe a little bit, well, to dreamy...did you forget to wear clothes in the last photo you posted? I didn't know Hawaii went nude? Just kidding! :) Glad you had fun!

jimz said...

you've been reading some john stott? sweet, he's the best! i found that basic christianity is maybe a little bit dated on a page or two, but otherwise, great stuff to eat up!