living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, November 21, 2005

so apparently...

Sometimes I forget that a blog is supposed to be a "web log," aka: online journal. Now I'm not going to bore ya'll with the details, but tonite in the midst of burnt cookies, hot bevvies and apples dipped in caramel, we had Campaigners. We've been slowly walking through Matthew 6 with the girls, which, whether you like Jesus or not, talks about NOT WORRYING...and how by worrying we add single hours to our lives, when really, isn't LIFE more important than fashion and primping and shopping? (although true to form, I'm a big fan of my In Style subscription....oh cara the hypocrite...).

So Christy (my student leader) and I tried something a little different: we read through the five verses (matthew 6:27-32), and then gave the girls 20 minutes to go and write a letter to Jesus....and when it came time for me to do the same, I instead did the opposite and felt like Jesus had some things to say to me. Here's a small nugget of that:

"Cara: ...relax. Be okay with gray. Let yourself simply focus on loving me and loving others as we figure out this journey together.

Pour yourself into these girls. Learn to listen. Choose to call. Put yourself out there. Love deeply and expect nothing in return. Serve. Be amazed. Smile. Sing. Hum. Stop and smell the roses. Be a woman of the word, and meditate on it day and night.

Love those I've purposefully placed in your path. Be thankful for much as you learn to live with little. Act on your instincts because that's my spirit speaking to you. Do think before you speak, though. I love you. Cara. My daughter. -GOD-."

So apparently God speaks to me in short, abrupt sentences...but I think he says just what I need to hear. I'm a big fan of this journey of life because more and more I'm figuring out that -frankly!- I have nothing to do with it. And some days are good days and some days are hard good days, but I'd say overall, it just makes sense. That's it. Your thoughts?


Dones said...

Sounds good. I like being reminded that my life is not all about me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike said...

are they sentence fragments or run ons?