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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

some things never change

Today I went walking with my new buddy Melissa, who's on Young Life staff in Central City (aka: the hood!) Tacoma. While walking the streets of downtown Auburn, I was reminded of a dream/goal/talked about thing for awhile now...and I'm so not kidding when I say this, but I want to be an aerobics instructor! Somehow we started talking about walking -mmm, good times- which led to "have you ever taken a step class?" from Melissa, which turned into a "Heck yes, I love step!" from me, which turned into LET'S GET CERTIFIED! I find great fun in stepping over fake kick-boxing the air, Billy Blanks-style...and in working out and just having fun with the ladies - and gentlemen! - who co-conspire in group workouts with me.


Need to check on those Y classes...and the good news: Melissa could get her Yoga certification, and then we'd just be all workout savvy leading together!

This may be the most ridiculous blog post yet...
But there is a point.

I think there are those things in our lives that we talk about doing FOREVER, but we make these LAME excuses as to why not. For me, prime example happened in January 2004. I'm teaching an American Lit (11th grade English) class at Monte Vista in Watsonville; we're in the height of our Dickinson/Whitman poetry unit (I hear the chorus groans already), and at one point we read Whitman's poem, "I Hear America Singing." In it he talks about the VOICES of America...and he speaks as to the uniqueness of each the end, the speaker gives a little carpe diem shout out to his do I to my students at the time. Just do it. Tonite. Whatever you've been holding back on.

So as I'm trekking home from MV that day, I think to myself, what's my carpe diem "must"? And I realized that I'd been wanting another tattoo - the trinity symbol specifically - for ages, but that I'd kept making excuses. Oh, I'll wait until I lose 10 pounds...oh, I'll wait until I finish grading this stack of papers...oh, I'll wait until I REALLY deserve it - at the end of a semester. But I never made it. So I got home a few minutes later, called True Art, grabbed roomies Marshie and Lola, and got the tattoo. (And then of course reaped the wrath by "encouraging" my students to sieze the not-so-conservative Christian day...).

So the bottom line:

Sieze it.
Carpe diem it.
Aerobics certification it.
Tattoo it.
Live it.


Anonymous said...

Cara, you DREAM big. I love that about you. I've always dreamed about being an Aerobics instructor too. It's sort of a long term goal for me. You go girl!!

Your friend,
Anna Anderson

Smarshie said...

Tattoo day! I remember it like it was only yesterday. Good times. I was wearing your Rudolph antlers in the room and taking pictures. =)

You GO for the step class certification, Cara!! Kick butt (not literally) and take names!!!

Gibbytron said...

AMEN sista! It's all about living out those goals, baby! You get to steppin', and I'll keep on keepin' on in the gym and WW... Let's keep each otha accountable!

Mike said...

while you are at it you should get a great big "Biker" tat...

dudes dig that...