living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, December 26, 2005

i'm a proud auntie

I knew this post would come someday. I've become an aunt. And I am proud. His name is Frank and he's hot. You can easily see the resemblance upon looking at his hair color....I'm hoping that Brandon and Melissa ask me to be the dogmother, but they haven't gotten that far yet. You can all send them a message requesting those skills here: cara wants to be a dogmother.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

cutting people off in the christmas season

On Friday the 9-hour road trip to Nevada City, CA started with Dan and Noel (aka: moms and pops) in their car. Book in hand and cell phone to the side, I was excited when Dad actually let me take over driving for a couple of hours. I had the southern Oregon through Shasta stretch, and as any good holiday driver would do, I was mindful of trying to get down to grandpa's in time for a little beet soup dinner. So I'm kindof weaving in and out of traffic, in a nice "staying with the speed of traffic" kind of the slow lane, I realize that the semi in front of me isn't going to speed up, so I quick look to the left, and decide to chance it, even though the upcoming Suburban is rather fast approaching. Okay, so apparently I should have waited, with his grill on my rear, but I gave a friendly little wave and proceeded to avoid eye contact for the next hundred miles or so, while we back and forth passed each other.

Wellllllllllllll, there's nothing like gassing up on a road trip, so into the Shell station we arrive in Redding. As I'm pulling up to the pump, my dad's like, look who you're was Mr. Suburban. Of all the frickin holiday luck. So it's the spilt second decision making time: do I (continue) to avoid eye contact, thus running into the gas station to use the little ladies' room, or do I risk a chew-out by this man that I CLEARLY cut off by apologizing? I choose the latter of the two, but I choose it with a Cara twist, of course. (The Cara twist is simply trying to win the world over with a's my downfall...I think everyone likes me, and that a smile will break down any barrier that exists between us. You should see me with cops).

"So, I think I cut you off a few hundred miles back..."

"Yeah, you did." (This is going really well).

"Well, sorry about never know with these road trips and all...."

And before we knew it we were talking about our where-to travels and exchanging Christmas greetings. So. Good times.

I'm now with family in the greater Tahoe area....tomorrow I take one of grandpa's cars and head for a Bay Area donor/friend trip...can't wait to see many of you!!!

Many Christmas blessings...fam time calls. :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

being got and climbing mountains

First, I was got: MFCB. Check it out. All domestication points to this.

So on Friday my friend Katie from Illuminate calls and invites me on a Saturday snowshoeing adventure. Now I had heard from our mutual friend Danny "d-lish" Lund that Katie was rather hardcore, but if Danny can do it, so can I! So on Saturday morning, I met her and three other buddies (Jay, Jason and Claudia) up in Bellevue. Katie, nicest person in America, had rented me snowshoes the night before, and also had the hookups of hiking boots and in the midst of a fun getting-to-know-you drive on the I-90, we finally arrived at our little snowshoe destination unknown. We saddle up...we start "shoeing" along the trail, hoping to say "HAPPY SHOE" to some lucky passerby. Now to paint a picture, 3 minutes have gone by, and I'm ALREADY huffing and puffing. Already my butt is en process of kickage, if you know what I mean....I could blame it on having been sick and therefore not working out, or a plethora of other excuses, but the bottom line was that I was getting WORKED minutes into our day! Another 30 seconds pass by, and Katie looks to her right: there's a mountain. Well, since we want to get to the top of that mountain, why don't we just climb up its side? SO UP THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN WE START TRAVERSING. In backpacking, I'm not a huge fan of switchbacks...and here we are making our way through dense forest, scattering snowshoe tracks here and there. 3 hours later we make it to summit and devour granola bars (that's the funny thing about work so hard, and then simply reward yourself with a little taste of nutty/grainy/horsefood goodness).

But the best part was yet to come: we took the trail part of the way down, but poles and all, on the way down you just FLY! Katie reminded me of the fine balance between toes and heels (think snowboarding...dear god, that's a whole nother story), when much to my chagrin, I ended up faceplanting one too many times. But it's rad: pretty soon you realize that you're just LEAPING down the side of the mountain - working the quads, the calves, the shoulders - hoping to not step too close to a tree or else the ground gives way and hole-age sets in. So good.

That night (and perhaps THIS is the best part), I got home around 5, took a shower, and sat down on the couch...I proceeded to not LEAVE that couch for another 5 hours. Granted, the social life was disgraced, but there was NO WAY I was leaving that position. All plans were canceled for the night, and instead I watched "The Mighty" (so good!), and got some reading done. In a way it's freeing being able to simply "be" and rest, even when the back of your mind screams LOSER!!! for the mere mention of a particular socially-dignified day.

Home Alone II is on in the backgound. Sometimes, once every 10 years or so, you just need to watch our favorite little screamer again. I just ate some Carrie corn and drank some red wine. I'm in process of addressing the Christmas newsletter....comment me if you want me to send you one.

Christmas cheer! cara:)

Friday, December 16, 2005

a story of domestication...a story of a little tweener

So the saga continues: I don't know if it's a bad domestication attitude, but two days in a row now, it's been the thorn in my side. Yesterday afternoon I had a high school girl over to hang out; as I poured Christal a hot bevvie, I suddenly had the GREAT idea to bake some cookies as well. (I've learned that having cookie dough on hand is an excellent addition to the fridge). Well, I pop four cute cookies on the bottom rack (mind you, who needs a baking sheet for a toaster oven anyway?), and 10 minutes later head to MFTO (my-first-toaster-oven) to check on the little buggers. Smoke, steam, and burned-on-the-bottom but mushy-on-top cookies awaited me. So I put the pan outside in the cold, and loved when, half an hour later, Christy (friend upstairs) saw the delectable treats, ate (the top) of one and thought they were the best things she'd tasted in awhile. So she took all four. :)

Still a little sick, this morning I decided to save money and make my own coffee...I put the coffee grinds in and a bit of water, too... I come by a few minutes later and the coffee's still not ready yet. I do a load of laundry, and find that even five minutes later, the coffee's still barely drip-drip-dripping out of its little spout. Finally, risking all, I open up the top, and find that I've poured the water into the same place as the grounds! What the?! Who am I? Now it's not the toaster oven that's steaming, but the coffee pot is hissing and whoozing all over the place. Needless to say, I probably ruined my coffee pot, and ended up just stopping by one of the five drive-thru coffee stands in five blocks on my way to work for a white chocolate americano with room instead. Hey, I tried. :)

Finally, there's something to be said about 6th graders - god bless their SUCH awkward spot in life...yesterday was a rather chill day in reading class. Corrie, the teacher I work with two days a week, is a kick in the her, love her show (Jessimoobyera, that's for you). The kids are working on spelling, and she asks them what they'd like for their party on Monday. "Ooooooooh, I want that cinnamon white choc-o-late mocha that she [point to me] brought in one day!!!" (Corrie was sick the day I brought her her drink, so I found dixie cups and divided it up among the 15 kids in the maybe coffee addiction is wrong to start at age 11, but they loved it!) Here's where the story gets good: "Well, Tony," Corrie says, "don't you know that drinking coffee stunts your growth? You don't want to start drinking coffee now - you won't get any taller. How tall are you now? 5'5"?" "No man, I'm 5'3", but that's a good height. I DRINK COFFEE BECAUSE BEING SHORT IS SEXY." Hello, little 6th grade friend, that was NOT what I was expecting to hear! Nonetheless, 15 minutes later, we're still quasi-picking on little Tony guy: "Tony, you know we're just picking on you." "I know - it's just because I'm sexy." Since when do you tell your teacher (and her cute assistant!) that you're sexy?! Does this new guy (straight from Thailand, mind you) even know what "sexy" means, as five minutes before the sexy-saga he's doing the dance from a Disney flik?

Finally, I end it on this kid quote as well. In filling out the spelling words, little Mariana needed to fill in the word "PROUD," so Corrie came up with this sentence: "I'm ______________ to be an American?" (as we both start jamming to the song...) "ABOUT?" Mariana says. Not quite. Love it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Miller-man's top ten chia teeth!!!

Man, this has been quite the comment-producing blog post....and to celebrate, ya'll have to read my friend Josh's new top ten, in honor of my cold and its coinciding chia teeth. (ps: if you haven't already, read the previous post and you'll understand). Letterman, here we come...

Top 10 Best Things About Having Chia Teeth

10) It’s like having a pet with you all the time

9) No need to go to the store for antibiotics! You can grow a pharmacy in your mouth.

8) Great outreach to Junior High Boys! I mean who brushes their teeth anyways?

7) It’s a national trend… braces – out, retainers – out, fur coats for your mouth – in!

6) Nintendo is thinking of adding it to their line of virtual pet games… Nintendogs: Morning Breath

5) When traveling the English treat you like a local

4) Bush gave you a tax break after declaring your mouth a protected green belt

3) The color of your teeth change each season

2) The dentist it too busy swearing to ask you stupid questions

1) Walmart called and wants to start stocking their shelves with Macdonalds Chia Teeth!

I love it. This is why life is good. This right here is why I snort.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

chia teeth

You know it's a good cold when you wake up in the morning, face down on the bed, with your mouth wide open and a pool of drool all around. Your ears crackle and pop as they adjust to the first sounds of morning; you touch your nose and it's just CRUSTY and snot-filled all at the same time. Finally, after a few minutes of indecisive "should I just call in sick today?" thoughts, headache-in-tote, you walk to the look in the mirror, and appalled at your own sicky-bacteria filled breath, try to smile at yourself in that half-sleepy, half dear-god-I'm-scary-in-the-morning sort of way. Upon adjusting the eyes to that morning smile you look at your cavity-free are appalled to see that they've apparently grown a little bit of red fuzz on them. That's right...what color are your sheets? Red. Sick. Indeed - I know it's a good cold when I get chia teeth.
Hope you liked the visual. :)

So I'm a little icky-sicky right now, much like the rest of the world, I'm sure. But in a weird sort of way, I'm glad for a cold every now and then because it forces me to stop...and relax...and sit...and a little bit of pity is good every once in awhile. :)

I've been housesitting at a mansion for the past week, and well, LOVING it. It's been good having random peeps over for dinner and fun sleepovers with Young Life girls and the like. This morning I went out there and laid in front of the fire place and had Jesus time; unfortunately, I haven't seen one of the cats since yesterday, so let's just hope that the next time I post I'm not minus a housesitting cat still. Don't think that would go over so well with this fam...

Okay, I've still got chia teeth on my mind - it's a good sign that it's time to go.
chia hugs- cara:)