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living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

chia teeth

You know it's a good cold when you wake up in the morning, face down on the bed, with your mouth wide open and a pool of drool all around. Your ears crackle and pop as they adjust to the first sounds of morning; you touch your nose and it's just CRUSTY and snot-filled all at the same time. Finally, after a few minutes of indecisive "should I just call in sick today?" thoughts, headache-in-tote, you walk to the look in the mirror, and appalled at your own sicky-bacteria filled breath, try to smile at yourself in that half-sleepy, half dear-god-I'm-scary-in-the-morning sort of way. Upon adjusting the eyes to that morning smile you look at your cavity-free are appalled to see that they've apparently grown a little bit of red fuzz on them. That's right...what color are your sheets? Red. Sick. Indeed - I know it's a good cold when I get chia teeth.
Hope you liked the visual. :)

So I'm a little icky-sicky right now, much like the rest of the world, I'm sure. But in a weird sort of way, I'm glad for a cold every now and then because it forces me to stop...and relax...and sit...and a little bit of pity is good every once in awhile. :)

I've been housesitting at a mansion for the past week, and well, LOVING it. It's been good having random peeps over for dinner and fun sleepovers with Young Life girls and the like. This morning I went out there and laid in front of the fire place and had Jesus time; unfortunately, I haven't seen one of the cats since yesterday, so let's just hope that the next time I post I'm not minus a housesitting cat still. Don't think that would go over so well with this fam...

Okay, I've still got chia teeth on my mind - it's a good sign that it's time to go.
chia hugs- cara:)


Smarshie said...

I'm sorry you are sick, Cara friend. But heck, nothing like being sick in a MANSION!!!! Rock it, girl!!

Love you, S

Mike said...

chia teeth... now that is sexy

aleahmac said...

so not that i can talk, since i tell people at any chance i get about the nastiness of bodily fluids and smells and needles and etc etc at any possible chance, but still, EWWWWWWWWWWW.
hahah. but i know the feeling, rewind, not quite living up the chia funky teeth, but i got the wonderful sinus hell cold right now to... its greeeat when your patients ask you if your ok......
anyway have a gorgeous day with your flemmy fun... smile;)!(wait you have..make sure you brush your teeth priior to smiling huge this time><>)

Brenda Joy said...

That is the strangest mental image I have had in quite awhile... Thanks Cara ;-)

caramac said...

dear friends: indeed, marshie there's nothing like being sick in a mansion. I'll take that anytime. Fletchie, I do what I can. Sis, we fight the colds together, worlds apart. Brenda, I'll continue to paint excellent visuals for you, my friend. PS: I found the cat!

millhowz said...

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10) It’s like having a pet with you all the time

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8) Great outreach to Junior High Boys! I mean who brushes their teeth anyways?

7) It’s a national trend… braces – out, retainers – out, fur coats for your mouth – in!

Nintendo is thinking of adding it to their line of virtual pet games… Nintendogs: Morning Breath

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