living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

cutting people off in the christmas season

On Friday the 9-hour road trip to Nevada City, CA started with Dan and Noel (aka: moms and pops) in their car. Book in hand and cell phone to the side, I was excited when Dad actually let me take over driving for a couple of hours. I had the southern Oregon through Shasta stretch, and as any good holiday driver would do, I was mindful of trying to get down to grandpa's in time for a little beet soup dinner. So I'm kindof weaving in and out of traffic, in a nice "staying with the speed of traffic" kind of the slow lane, I realize that the semi in front of me isn't going to speed up, so I quick look to the left, and decide to chance it, even though the upcoming Suburban is rather fast approaching. Okay, so apparently I should have waited, with his grill on my rear, but I gave a friendly little wave and proceeded to avoid eye contact for the next hundred miles or so, while we back and forth passed each other.

Wellllllllllllll, there's nothing like gassing up on a road trip, so into the Shell station we arrive in Redding. As I'm pulling up to the pump, my dad's like, look who you're was Mr. Suburban. Of all the frickin holiday luck. So it's the spilt second decision making time: do I (continue) to avoid eye contact, thus running into the gas station to use the little ladies' room, or do I risk a chew-out by this man that I CLEARLY cut off by apologizing? I choose the latter of the two, but I choose it with a Cara twist, of course. (The Cara twist is simply trying to win the world over with a's my downfall...I think everyone likes me, and that a smile will break down any barrier that exists between us. You should see me with cops).

"So, I think I cut you off a few hundred miles back..."

"Yeah, you did." (This is going really well).

"Well, sorry about never know with these road trips and all...."

And before we knew it we were talking about our where-to travels and exchanging Christmas greetings. So. Good times.

I'm now with family in the greater Tahoe area....tomorrow I take one of grandpa's cars and head for a Bay Area donor/friend trip...can't wait to see many of you!!!

Many Christmas blessings...fam time calls. :)