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living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Miller-man's top ten chia teeth!!!

Man, this has been quite the comment-producing blog post....and to celebrate, ya'll have to read my friend Josh's new top ten, in honor of my cold and its coinciding chia teeth. (ps: if you haven't already, read the previous post and you'll understand). Letterman, here we come...

Top 10 Best Things About Having Chia Teeth

10) It’s like having a pet with you all the time

9) No need to go to the store for antibiotics! You can grow a pharmacy in your mouth.

8) Great outreach to Junior High Boys! I mean who brushes their teeth anyways?

7) It’s a national trend… braces – out, retainers – out, fur coats for your mouth – in!

6) Nintendo is thinking of adding it to their line of virtual pet games… Nintendogs: Morning Breath

5) When traveling the English treat you like a local

4) Bush gave you a tax break after declaring your mouth a protected green belt

3) The color of your teeth change each season

2) The dentist it too busy swearing to ask you stupid questions

1) Walmart called and wants to start stocking their shelves with Macdonalds Chia Teeth!

I love it. This is why life is good. This right here is why I snort.


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