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living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

procrastination is key....the tops

I'm supposed to be working on my assignments for new staff training on Monday...I leave in two days...I still have (at least) two assignments left to do...checking up on friends' blogs was much more appealing, and then seeing Zig's top fives of '05 made me think of my again, in an attempt to further prolong the assignments, I give you some of my top fives:

Top five books read:

*The Way to Love (Demello)
*The Motorcycle Diaries (Guevara)
*Searching for God Knows What (Miller)
*Fast Food Nation (Schlosser)
*Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith (Lamott)

Top five books that I'm currently sifting through and/or reaching:

*Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis)
*Pride and Prejudice (Austen)
*Why Not Women? (Cunningham)
*Velvet Elvis (Bell)
...well, and I'm just now realizing that there's not a can't love every book you read, and hecks, I don't want to over-extend myself. hee hee.

Top five conversations:

*middle school friend at camp on the lawn...
*Shelley Pimental, every time, enlightening, encouraging, of the heart...
*road trip convos with Charlie: what is the real YOU? what is the real ME?...
*the "WHY JESUS WHY?!" convos with, well, JC:)
*Hannah Grace Mello: summer of '05.

And we must give 10 to this....the top 10 MEMORIES of '05:

*leaving CA...the drive over 17 kills.
*speaking at camps...especially FRONTIER! (be still my heart:)
*WEDDINGS: Haidle's...Miller's...Szarawarski's...Fox's...Pimental's...and HELLO, my DEAR DEAR little brother and new sister-in-law's, THE MAC'S!!!! (how dear to the heart it is seeing your little bro find the sweet girl of his
*Tuesday mornings with the YL ladies
*Thursday nights with the girls whose hearts were AWAKENED.
*Costa Rica with Lola and B! ("como cara como?!")
*saying NO to Prospect (ie: teaching in general...telling my principal, my students, the opportunities, WOW...)
*saying YES to Young Life (ie: Why can't I stop screaming yes?! And why am I so excited to move to AUBURN?!)
*Re's bachelorette party weekend in NYC
*feeling loved, supported and set up to succeed in this new WA adventure...the support and generosity and encouragement and friendship of friends and family.

Okay. I've done a good job of remembering and of procrastinating. Back to work I go. :) What are your tops?!


Melissa Mac said...

So, under your top ten events.... under weddings, you didn't remember that you were a flower girl in your gorgeous new sister in law's wedding?!?!??!?!?!?!? Love you :)

Anonymous said...

DUDE!!! Where's the HOBIT HOLE!? :) or is it HobBit? That should not only be the top ten... it should be Number ONE... and don't forget to mention the companions you had there!!!! Sheesh! :)