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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

hold on tight

Four new great bands: Mat Kearney. The Fray. Michael Watson. Paul Wright. The first two hailed up in Capital Hill in Seattle on Friday the midst of a Corona or two, the message of HOPE was clearly proclaimed and thus SO encouraging. Both bands/musicians are Christians (I hear) who prefer to perform on a secular it. :) Then last night, Christy, my high school buddy and I drove to Gig Harbor for the latter of the two bands; it was SO the youth group concert. Hilarious. I think the best part was simply checking out the interactions between middle school kids especially. They have to look to each other for complete and total affirmation, be it in their cool new dance move, in swaying to the music, in closing their eyes for a then makes me a little excited that maybe, MAYBE I've grown up a bit. :)

Sunday, after a sad, sad loss of a great, great team, I'm driving home from the Miller's and Danny calls. CAN'T TALK NOW! I'LL GET LOST! LET ME CALL YOU BACK! (All the sentences were short, abrupt and near yell-age). "Okay, only call me back if you want to go swing dancing." Click! What the SWING DANCING ON A SUNDAY NIGHT, Batman?! But indeed, livin la vida loca, Seattle style, Danny, Charlie and new friend Rachel and I hit up this SWEET ballroom in Seattle for five dollar dancing and lessons. Besides experiencing Danny's slick moves on the dance floor, among the highlights were then getting asked by 86 year old OLAF to dance. I'm trying to do my little back-together, side-together moves to the beat of the music, but Olaf is having none of that; instead, he pulls me in and we just sway, side to side to side to side. Every 30 seconds or so he'd loosen the hold and spin me in and out, but none too soon before I'd be back in against his soft, flabby old man belly. (Perhaps even more amusing was catching the looks on my buddies' faces; if we'd have been at an LDS junior high dance, there would have been NO room for the Book of Mormon...).

Yesterday: I'm leaning up against the cafeteria table, talking to a group of 8th grade friends. One of the teachers (whom I know and "work" the cafeteria with) comes up, taps me on the shoulder and tells me to find a seat. I turn my head and look at her. Her jaw drops to the floor. The kids don't know whether to laugh in hysterics or shame. I laugh, say thank you and hug my new friend. Oh the walls that are broken down when someone thinks I'm 13!

Finally, tonite we had a "storying" training with a guy named Ceasar. Getting back to the oral traditions of the Bible, stories were passed down from generation to generation via the telling of stories. Ceasar and his partner in JC-crime run a ministry in which they train storytellers in the art of stories, and then teach them to facilitate a learning-savvy group discussion afterwards. The pros: students are given ownership of learning about God first-hand. Since (according to him) statistics say that 70% of people in the US are oral learners, this could be very effective. The story comes to life. The "teacher" is a facilitator, guiding them moreso than a lecture-format, and also then isn't the speaker-star-of-the-show. And the "stories" that are told are a collection straight from the Bible, so there's no need to "spice up" the Jesus story with a funny introduction. The cons: will this work in a Young Life type setting? Are kids going to feel more like students in the classroom than kids just having fun? Does this work more with adults (for instance in a coffee shop setting) than your average middle school kid? What about you? How would YOU respond? What do you think about this new movement in the church?

So I realize this was a rather random posting, but it's the best I can do given the craziness of the past week and the current tiredness of the mind. PS: It's been sunny in WA for three days now!!!!


millhowz said...

Dang, wish I had known you were going to see Paul... I really like his stuff... He and Brenda went to the same highschool and were friends

Gibbytron said...

I know of three of the four bands you referred to. I've seen Mat in concert, and The Fray are from Colorado, baby! Paul Wright I've got on my ipod, and the fourth dude I'll have to check out. You GO music mama!