living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

a Friday like no other

Welcome to quite possibly the most random day of my life:

Who: Danny, Katie, Mel and Mark, visiting friend from the east coast and me...

When: yesterday...Friday...

What/when: a short day trip to Vancouver, BC...

Why: one can only imagine...

After a bit of a border hassle (note to self and to Danny: bring passports!), the five of us go to lunch at this award-winning dim sum restaurant (am I spelling that correctly?), a form of Chinese food where they walk around with little carts and you just pull whatever you want off the carts and eat it collectively. With scissors cutting our little sesame biscuits and yummy dipping sauces and spring rolls and hot green tea galore, we are happy. Another lady comes around, shows us a dish, and all we can understand is "beef." Now insert two thoughts here: first, I'm really not the biggest fan of beef, and don't normally eat it....BUT I'm trying to be a good sport and eat what comes my way in this new experience. We look at the beef, and wonder why she's calling it beef when it looks more like squid-like slimy noodles in a beef broth. So I'm thinking, hey, I like calimari...this looks like calimari...I'm going to give it a floor run, see how it plays. I pop into my mouth the BIGGEST piece you've ever seen (although I'm thinking it's just the piece closest to me, and I need not be picky...); chewy...weird...chewy...beef brothy...a little textured in some places....still chewy. Finally, Mark asks an English-speaking waiter what this dish truly is: TRIPE. Yes, that's right folks, beef stomach lining!!! At that point, I don't know whether to throw up or just let the gag reflexes have their way, puke or not, but I'm like SICK!!! So yes. Beef stomach lining. It's what's for lunch.

We're then off to part II of our afternoon: THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!! Indeed, Mark, our visiting friends, is part of a family-owned chcolate business on the east coast. So Mark's out here on a 3-week chocolate business trip - guess who then got us INSIDE PASSES to PURDY'S chocolate factory?! It was amazing. We walked in looking (or at least thinking) like we owned the place. We donned the little hair nets, and walked from room to room of the chocolate factory like we really were the little kids on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Are you kidding me?! This I loved: the 70's music playing in the background...the Lucy and Ethel-like employees sifting through the chocolate conveyor belts, searching for the 'bad seeds'...Gary, our tour guide, and his pure LOVE of samples off the conveyor belt and from boxes and broken containers and trays...the ladies who were in deep LIKE with Danny's dancing skills as he strutted his stuff down the aisles...10,000 lb bags of sugar...learning why the cherry cordial stays so, well, cordial...and finally, climbing up the stairs to the 30,000 lb VAT of chocolate (one dark, one milk) and just LOOKING down into the great chocolate abyss!!! Indeed, we wanted to JUMP into the chocolate pool and swim around, hoping to not get sucked up into the tubes that really do pump and distribute chocolate to different parts of the factory. I think about it now, and I'm just like who are we?! What was this?! With hair nets still in tact (the longest contest...Katie won), we left there shaking our heads, continuing to eat MORE free samples from the boxes Gary gave Mark upon leaving.


So after that, I got home, went to North Tapps MS Wyldlife with Ginger and Ashlee...watched RENT and thought of seeing it on Broadway with Re and Copey...and then came back and got to SLEEP. Yee-haw. Tonite Chet and Chris, Aaron's parents, are in town, so there's going to be a fun dessert and games night with some peeps up in Lynnwood. Otherwise, this has been a CRAZY week to say the least, and yesterday was just icing on the - chocolate - cake.

ps: pictures soon - the computer's being weird and not uploading right now.