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living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Since when does going to a church ONCE, warrant the following mail?

Ages 25-55

Come as you are you will be loved [note: horrible grammar not my own!]

Calvary's Singles Ministry

(Here's the kicker/conference title...)


...Don't miss out on this opportunity for life change in small groups with other singles.

No! No! No!

That's all. I just can't believe I'm now officially categorized into the singles' ministry at a church I don't even attend....oh Lordy.


Mike said...

kinda makes you feel like a big fat looser eh?

i worked at a church once that had a huge singles min.

the "singles pastor" - a paid position i kid you not - used to say that if he were a single he would never attend the thing - cause nobody who is emotionally healthy goes to those thngs!

his words not mine.

my word is yupupan You - Poop - On

Gibbytron said...

Oh man. I checked out a singles ministry at a church in Boulder a couple of months back myself... SCARY! Not to be a hater, but I think there's a reason these people were single. And yes, let's not forget, I am VERY single (sigh... currently dislodging plank out of said eye)

Mike said...

dude i am single cause i haven't found my equal

caramac said...

Mike comment 1: big fat loser, perhaps. :) I just don't understand why they'd think I want the singles' mailings just b/c I checked "not married"....
Mike comment 2: certainly. That's what it is. where is your equal?
Bennett: yeah, let's just say no to singles' groups. Scary mary.