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living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, March 13, 2006

things that make you go MMMMM

A report on the haps:

Wyldlife Friday: WOW. This was a thing that made me go MMMMM. From the gross popsicle eating contest to a cricket spitting contest to a gross food themed relay to a spam creation contest (with Pablo's SPAMDOG as the winner! ...weiner?) to a blender "DRINK THAT" contest, there were only TWO visible gag reflexes and no actual pukes. When kid Nikole started talking about camp this past summer, my favorite was (again) Pablo in the front row busting out with "is this thing religious?!" Ahhh. 73 kids and 10 parents and leaders later, a great night was had. Thanks for praying, if you pray.

Celebrate Elliott Saturday: my friend Elliott had his one-year birthday on Saturday with proud parents Rachel and Jimmy. It was pretty rad watching him discover that a) he could PLAY all he wanted with his cupcake (Melanie ::: a cupcake-making goddess), with five cameras on him at the same time, and b) watching that cupcake/birthday/people high turn into an amazingly low sugar-low. It was a short-lived birthday party, but I think he's on the right track. :)

Run like the 5K Leprechaun wind: Sunday morning at 9 am, 14,000 of my best friends and I joined together in downtown Seattle for the Henry Weinhard's St. Patty's Day run. I was really looking forward to a splash of green beer at the end, but sometimes you just gotta go with the green and white (Starby's!) flow. And here was another cool part: I ran it by myself! I drove up with some peeps who -fortunately for them, unfortunately for me- like to do Ironmans in their spare time, so I wasn't quite sharing in the five minute mile glory....and then not finding Aaron and his gang, or Lizzy and her compadres, I was on my own. But you know it's a good day to your heart when you still giggle and squeal with glee, and SCREAM at the top of your lungs while running through tunnels, even when no one's beside you. So I liked that. :)

"No I won't go to Jamba Juice with you!": today I got to see 8th grader "A" help coach the 7th grade team. She's a natural. After that we got to sit together and watch a bunch of our 8th grade buddies play basketball and get their butts kicked by a rival middle school. She let me sit by her in exchange for her offer to tell me all the secret basketball signs and symbols (aka: tell me what was going on in each play). But of course, seeing as I don't really care about basketball, and instead just about her, I then asked her questions in our down moments. So apparently I ask her too many questions, and apparently going to Jamba Juice is just a little TOO weird (What?! A Young Life leader hang out with a kid outside of school?!), BUT -but!- secretly, I know she loves that I know her name and care about her. So I'll keep loving her. :)

Best way to make someone smile this week: send someone an MP3 voice email! It really helps if you have a cool accent too. Bonus points. Do it. I double dog dare you. :)

That's it. Tomorrow and Wednesday: Portland for training. Thursday: Round-up! Friday: Mark, aka: Polo's in town! Saturday: REST....halle-frickin-lujah. God bless. chm.


Mike said...

hey ain't it yo b-day?

Mike said...

my word ver was drkjlly

this one is relov as in Re Love

i don't know what that means