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living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

an idiot's guide to miss mac

1. Live in the northwest, where it rains.

2. Look out your window 15 times before going on a run, determine that the sky is dark and stormy, but since it's not raining NOW, decide that - surely! - the rain won't come until tonite.

3. Since you're going on a long run, decide to only wear a t-shirt, so you can really breathe....

4. Wear cotton-spandex pants that collect moisture well.

5. Notice that it's starting to sprinkle 10 minutes into the run, but do nothing.

6. Notice that the sprinkling is turning into droplets, 1 minute later. Keep on trucking.

7. Notice that the pellets of rain are coming down harder and have now turned into HAIL, bouncing off your breathable tee. Hey, at least you're able to breathe!

8. Start laughing by this point because it's a classic "but I'm just trying to train for the half marathon!" move.

9. Start taking a short-cut home, continue laughing, and this time start waving at the cars that pass by, wishing they would stop and offer you a ride.

10. Pass by three middle school friends who got caught walking the dog in the rain and briefly chat for 15 seconds.

11. Be glad that since you're completely soaked now, no one can tell the rain from the sweat!

12. Laugh at the irony of it all, since now, an hour later, the sun and blue skies are breaking through.

Ranada, if you're reading this, it's dedicated to you....43 days until our 13.1. Friends, learn from my mistakes, and have a good run. cm:)


Gibbytron said...

Nice. As I think I've told you, I don't run unless, well, I am running from something. This idiot will see you soon Miss Mac! :)

Brenda Joy said...

you gave Josh and I the best laugh :-)

Smarshie said...

I am so proud of you for running a half-marathon, Cara! You are AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm checking the blog for the first time in millenia...and i'm laughing out loud :) i LOVE that i can totally picture the whole process...

love you :)
holly ann