living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the catch-up on life...

Okay, so I used to be so good at this thing called blogger...and it's not that I've lost steam, but maybe it's just lost its newness. As well, life, as we know it, has been pretty busy as of late, so I'll try and give you a photo recap of the past couple of weeks:

1. So it's not a photo, but we decided to just say no to the promised half marathon this past Sunday. Sad! On Saturday I went to the doctor to try and get a little antibiotic boost, and instead ended up with a note good for no running for 10 days. It was great hanging out with Ranada for the 24 hours, though!

2. New roommate! This is Grace...she and I met a couple months ago, but her older sister Gaylynn and I were on work crew (with YL) 10 years ago, so she hooked us up.

3. Team Gleason got hitched! Indeed, dear friends both, Brian and Mary from Walnut Creek, CA., got married Saturday, May 6th. It was a relaxing weekend of friends and family, and I felt honored to wear the beet bridesmaid's dress. :)

It was fun making new buddies too: first, the bachelorette party in the city...check out the matching outfits. :) Then new buddy Corrie and I in our saucy dresses with little sweaters over the top.

4. Cirque de Soleil! One sentence: I HEART BENDY PEOPLE. (and Katie, I heart you!)

5. Reunited and it feels so good! Last night one of my favorite Young Life "kids," Jenn, age 23, came over for dinner...and good convo...and a Fred Meyer run to pick up a table...AND a putting-the-1000-piece-table-together night until 10! I was reminded that good friends just DO; for Jenn, it wasn't an option for her NOT to stay and help us out. So she, Gracie and I had a little table and bookshelf putting together party!

6. Tomorrow night is our SUMMER PARTY-themed last Wyldlife of the year. Might you want to donate $50 for a middle school friend to eat a goldfish and thus get money off of camp this summer? I'm telling you, it's a good deal. Let me know if you're interested.

Much love, friends!


Thegoodz said...

Good to hear about life, it seems full..