living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, May 29, 2006

livin' la vida Raul

Raul's been quite the traveling Jetta lately! I've been gone the past 6 days, and am glad to announce that it's good to be back, soon sleeping in my own bed...ahhh. Good times, good times.

Wednesday-Friday morning I was at Anna's parents' beach house for a little R and R/work on my talks in preparation for this summer time. WOW!!! It was BEAUTIFUL being in Ocean Shores...relaxing...getting time with Jesus and direction on the month of July...watching movies, eating good food, sleeping in....walking on the beach...reading and FINALLY FINISHING Pride and Prejudice (and being quite amped for the 6-hour BBC set...finally!). All in all, it was amazing.

Then Friday afternoon I drove down to Portland to meet up with dear friend Mindy for a little Memorial Day kidnapping. I felt like a million bucks as she treated me to a weekend at the SASQUATCH FESTIVAL (alternative music, Indie scene, local bands...) at George at the Gorge!

Favorite bands we saw: Ben Harper, Beck, Sufjan Stephens, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Yahoo.

Hours spent in the sittee chairs watching the bands: 18...

Minutes the golf-ball sized hailstorm kept on storming, killing the show and delaying everything for 2 hours on Saturday: 20.

Amount of sleep due the cattle-like camping spots with our 18-20 year old neighbors: hmmm, 3 last night, and probably about 5, 6 each night before.

Best cheekbones ever and best call for action: Mr. Ben Harper

Biggest potential druggie band and Best anti-conformist with the marionette puppets: Beck.

Best awkward stage presence: Sufjan

Favorite new band: The Decemberists from Portland, OR

Best made-you-feel-right-at-home (with 20,000 of your best friends) band: Death Cab

Best overall moment: Modest Yahoo.

So it was just crazy weather all weekend, and after surviving a hail storm that we thought might bring about a potential Woodstock revival, on Sunday there were off and on little bits of rain. After one such 5-minute storm when Modest Yahoo, the Hasidic Jew raggae artist was playing, a BEAUTIFUL rainbow appeared over the Columbia Gorge. Modest Yahoo stops the song he had just started performing, and begins to tell everyone the story of God's covenant with Noah, that resulted in the promise and blessing of the rainbow. I sat captivated by this man. Though I believe in the Jesus that he doesn't believe in, he was obviously passionate about his faith, and EVERY song had some message about Judaism and the God of the Old Testament. What an incredible platform, and what an incredible way to reach - literally- thousands of people. I doubt half the people knew what - or who - he was singing about, but it didn't matter. Wow.

So yes. It's 10:08 pm now, and I'm officially ready to hit the sack. Many blessings to you all. And look up all those cool new bands.