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living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Last night I sat down and watched the "dramady" ELIZABETHTOWN with Orlando Bloom and oh shuut, what's her name? The girl in Spiderman, spidy...ah yes, Kirsten Dunst. Besides loving the overall plot of the story, "Claire's" character was brilliant to me. She loved life and she ran after it. She wasn't afraid to entirely be herself, no matter what anyone else thought of her. Near the end, she sent "Drew" on a road-trip journey, complete with the cutest scrapbook of driving instructions and maps and pictures and music; besides wanting to jump in Raul the Jetta right then and explore America, I had to pull out the pencil and paper to record these thoughts and instructions of hers:

***About MLKjr, at the Lorraine Hotel where he was shot: "His death was only the beginning of his victory..."

***To Drew, as he's starting the engine for the first time: "Begin your journey now, and do NOT skip ahead..."

These two lines were profound to me; are they to you? What do you think they mean, and how can/do they parallel our own lives? (I know, Miss Mac is coming out to play, but you'd better believe I'm using these in talks this summer!).

blessings, c:)

ps: right now I'm hanging out with my two-month old friend, Moriah Anne; check out her blogspot HERE.


Dan said...

Elizabethtown is sitting on our coffee table right now. Becky likes films like that so I rented it for her. I won't watch it as I will instead watch Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on my computer. BUt she will. I trust she will like it or I will come back here and complain.

Brenda Joy said...

I gave Elizabethtown to Josh for his birthday this year :-) We both love that movie :-)

"I! Can make the gray sky bluer" is now my official ring-tone on Josh's phone. hehe :-)

So many good lines in that movie.

See you next Saturday!!

caramac said...

Dan- you are truly a man of the classics. Have you checked out The Parent Trap starring Haley Mills and Haley Mills recently? Would you like a fig newton?

And Brenda Joy- you've got good taste, my friend...nothing but the truth there. That's why you're my friend. :)

Dan said...

I bought the soundtrack for Elizabethtown for Becky. I was trying not to watch it as i was working at a table and then kept walking in to see what the movie was. I cried and cried when he saw the red hat at the end. I cried. it was so beautiful.