living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

oh 6:43 am

Sometimes all you want is a cup of coffee in the morning.
But sometimes all you get is a "cup" of coffee all over your counter, stove, sink, floor, cupboards, coffee maker, etc., when you forget to actually put the receiving cup underneath.
God bless diet coke in the morning instead?
Not the same....

I think "I'm ready for vacation..." is quickly turning into "I really do NEED vacation..." That's all. I'm going to make myself a cup o' joe now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

a few little pics...

Well, if you haven't figured it out, my camera is slightly-MIA...I say "slightly" because I know where it is (in the trunk of Lizzy's car), but seeing as she's on a world tour of Young Life's Malibu and Wildhorse Canyon, I won't be getting it any time soon. In the mean time, I thought I'd show some of you some pics of JULY...yes, July, as in a month ago. If you recall, I spent the month in Tahoe at the Mtn. Lodge speaking to our high school friends in an adventure-discipleship setting. It was incredible, and here follows some pics I stole from Christie for you to catch the viz from...

Every Tuesday we climbed CASTLE PEAK which boasted almost a 3000 foot elevation gain in 3 miles. Pictured here is the "ass team" as intern Chris called us, or the ASSIGNMENT team as Jesus more lovingly refers to us as. Christie is an area director in San Fran, and Nobie's been on staff with YL for 38 (!!!) years, and is retiring next month. this was also Nobie's last climb...

Every Friday I'd put on make-up and quasi-clean clothes, and we'd have THANKSGIVING DINNER!!! That's right, bring on the stuffing, the turkey, the mashed potatoes and gravy...the evening always reminded me that my eyes are NOT bigger than my stomach! Pictured here is Christie again, my BFF(FTW) of the summer...I can't give away the "ftw" part of the equation, but if you guess it I'll send you a kite in the mail. Yes. A kite. (Second pic is our Saturday evening out in Squaw's so different in the summer!).

This is Chris. And me. Chris was an intern at the Lodge all summer, and boasted such feats as hating me for the amount of mail I received, while also then ALWAYS putting a smile on anyone's face. Chris is going to be a junior at Notre Dame, so he also falls into my "very smart friends" category. Here we are apparently skiing or acting like penguins...I'm really not sure.

And here we have the celebratory daily doings of Mike Wilkes and his high shorts. Mike is one of those guys who doesn't TRY to be funny, but in not trying to do so, he vicariously puts a smile on everyone's face. I can't tell you how many serious conversations I'd be in the middle of in which I'd then have to divert my eyes 180 degrees the other direction as to not be distracted by Mike's high rolling shorts. So here you have it - Mike "high pants superstar" Wilkes...

Thank you again for your continued prayers on this adventure of a LIFE. Three of my girls accepted jesus into their hearts this past week at Wildhorse, and it reminded me WHY I do what I do... So thank you. Peace. c:)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

camp-street's back, all right

We leave for camp on Tuesday, and as I just wrote my brother about, this is what I've been doing since returning to washington:

*going to goodwill in search of FIESTA outfits! (arriba, arriba!)
*hitting up wally's world for candy, junk food, colored wife-beaters and iron-on letters.
*ironing on cheap iron-on Walmart letters at Danny's place as an excuse to get hang out time. (or as I told him, "I'm just using you for your iron!").
*thinking of cute, creative and witty notes for the leaders while we're there. I can't give away my secrets quite yet...
*treating leaders to smoothies.
*shopping at the dollar store for $1.29 mini-maracas.
*priding myself at the meaningless hours spent on Excel typing camper-cabin lists.
*having a "pray and play" in my apartment. take a guess at what that might be...
*mmm....getting good jesus time on the deck, in the sunshine, with coffee by my side.
*calling all my campers with the following question: "ARE YOU SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMP?!"
*calling all the leaders with the following question: "ARE YOU SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMP?! (and what can I do to calm those fears...)"

Yes. I think that's it.
And that's why I love my job. No two days are ever the same. 93 kids and 17 leaders, Wildhorse Canyon, here we come!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

butter on mashed potatoes

Last night, as I was nearing the completion of the trek back up to the northwest, I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful sunset. Many times when I see a sunset, I see heaven (or so I like to think)...I see God winking at me, giving me a glimpse of what it's someday going to be like with him in eternity. I think that's because I can't picture anything more beautiful than the sun saying goodnight. So upon driving up the I-5 corridor yesterday, I just kept staring to the west at the butter on top of mashed potatoes.

I remember this book I checked out over and over again at the Cummings Elementary School library - the best was looking at the little index card in the back, and seeing the once a year check out...seeing how your handwriting had changed...I loved that - and it was this quasi-manna-from-heaven book. Everyday the "sky" would provide food for the people to eat - spaghetti and meatballs, pancakes with syrup (way too messy, but always enjoyable), and then the end feast of Thanksgiving dinner complete with the forementioned mashed potatoes and a dollap of butter on top. So last night when I saw the sunset, I just wanted to eat that portion of creation!

I'm glad I didn't get in a wreck. I'm glad I didn't pick up the Zach Morris (cell phone) to thus be distracted from Beauty. But overall my favorite glimpse of this Beauty came in the light streams. Man has made and created skybeams, highbeams, spotlights - whatever one calls them - to shine into the sky and promote car sales and the annual state fair. But last night those beams were stronger than any Volkswagon dealer could have made them - and a strong four or five broke through the clouds and disappeared into the sky above.

So in all, I think we're called to choose to see the creation around us. The other night I was hanging out with some eco-savvy friends, and it struck me that if this - creation! - is something I'm passionate about, then the head needs to match up with the heart. So Ryan and the Geels loaded me up with some "recommended reads," and I've been chewing them up ever since. It's our responsibility, as creatures on this earth, to not only care for that which we've been given, but to take note of our immediate surroudings. Current read: For the Beauty of the Earth. Check it out. And that mashed potatoes book as well. :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

back to life, back to reality

Tomorrow AM I start the trek back up to the northwest, with a stop at Team Gleason's along the way. The past five weeks - at Young Life's Mtn. Lodge, and then at Mt. Hermon's Redwood camp and in Santa Cruz in general - have reminded me much about my heart. Today I sat for a little while in the sunshine at Skypark and just reflected...and dreamed...and wondered...and was thankful all at the same time. I don't really know how to process all that's happened, and I think that's a good thing... I do know that a key theme has been RESTORATION to and of the soul, and it's beautiful beginning to see glimpses of that truth. In the mean time, starting Wednesday it's a little bit of the 80's action of BACK TO LIFE, BACK TO REALITY. Next Wednesday, the 15th, we take our middle school friends from Auburn, WA to Wildhorse Canyon. Friends from Mt. Baker are going to hear about Jesus for the first time, in the midst of a CRAZY and WILD five days.

Yes. That's it. But it's good finding the portals of the heart.