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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

butter on mashed potatoes

Last night, as I was nearing the completion of the trek back up to the northwest, I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful sunset. Many times when I see a sunset, I see heaven (or so I like to think)...I see God winking at me, giving me a glimpse of what it's someday going to be like with him in eternity. I think that's because I can't picture anything more beautiful than the sun saying goodnight. So upon driving up the I-5 corridor yesterday, I just kept staring to the west at the butter on top of mashed potatoes.

I remember this book I checked out over and over again at the Cummings Elementary School library - the best was looking at the little index card in the back, and seeing the once a year check out...seeing how your handwriting had changed...I loved that - and it was this quasi-manna-from-heaven book. Everyday the "sky" would provide food for the people to eat - spaghetti and meatballs, pancakes with syrup (way too messy, but always enjoyable), and then the end feast of Thanksgiving dinner complete with the forementioned mashed potatoes and a dollap of butter on top. So last night when I saw the sunset, I just wanted to eat that portion of creation!

I'm glad I didn't get in a wreck. I'm glad I didn't pick up the Zach Morris (cell phone) to thus be distracted from Beauty. But overall my favorite glimpse of this Beauty came in the light streams. Man has made and created skybeams, highbeams, spotlights - whatever one calls them - to shine into the sky and promote car sales and the annual state fair. But last night those beams were stronger than any Volkswagon dealer could have made them - and a strong four or five broke through the clouds and disappeared into the sky above.

So in all, I think we're called to choose to see the creation around us. The other night I was hanging out with some eco-savvy friends, and it struck me that if this - creation! - is something I'm passionate about, then the head needs to match up with the heart. So Ryan and the Geels loaded me up with some "recommended reads," and I've been chewing them up ever since. It's our responsibility, as creatures on this earth, to not only care for that which we've been given, but to take note of our immediate surroudings. Current read: For the Beauty of the Earth. Check it out. And that mashed potatoes book as well. :)


Anonymous said...

Spaghetti With a Chance of Meatballs....I remember the sunset too~~~ You are so descriptive....thanks, Princess.

Jeremy & Carrie said...

Sniffle, sniffle. You've made us cry! That's so awesome! We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.
It was great to have you here...thanks for gracing us with your presence.