living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

camp-street's back, all right

We leave for camp on Tuesday, and as I just wrote my brother about, this is what I've been doing since returning to washington:

*going to goodwill in search of FIESTA outfits! (arriba, arriba!)
*hitting up wally's world for candy, junk food, colored wife-beaters and iron-on letters.
*ironing on cheap iron-on Walmart letters at Danny's place as an excuse to get hang out time. (or as I told him, "I'm just using you for your iron!").
*thinking of cute, creative and witty notes for the leaders while we're there. I can't give away my secrets quite yet...
*treating leaders to smoothies.
*shopping at the dollar store for $1.29 mini-maracas.
*priding myself at the meaningless hours spent on Excel typing camper-cabin lists.
*having a "pray and play" in my apartment. take a guess at what that might be...
*mmm....getting good jesus time on the deck, in the sunshine, with coffee by my side.
*calling all my campers with the following question: "ARE YOU SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMP?!"
*calling all the leaders with the following question: "ARE YOU SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR CAMP?! (and what can I do to calm those fears...)"

Yes. I think that's it.
And that's why I love my job. No two days are ever the same. 93 kids and 17 leaders, Wildhorse Canyon, here we come!


Jenn said...

Cara, I miss you! Seems like things are going very well for you! I can't wait to hang out soon.
Love ya,