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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

checkin' off the list...

Today I accomplished the first of the 30 before 30: try out for a reality TV show... Today, with 9,000 of my closest friends, my buddy Heather/Sammsonsite and I tried out for AMERICAN IDOL. I now stand in the American Idol rejects pile, but hey, it was an awesome 12-hour experience! :) Among the highlights: realizing that we weren't the best...or the worst. Arriving at the Key Arena at 5:14 am this morning (see morning pic), and then not leaving until 4:14 pm this afternoon. Do the math. Yelling and screaming for William Hung, guest star (look at his bodyguard!). She bangs! She bangs! Rolling our eyes at Ryan Seacrest - oh, the drama! And just DOING IT...I think that's what the "30 things to do before I turn 30..." is all about - just doing it.

Among other news: I'm on the search, big time for boxer baby dogs...of the smaller, female we'll see what happens. I had a fabulous lead today, but the guy ended up being a jacka#%. Bleep bleep bleep, Mr. Craig's List!

Finally, CONGRATS AARON AND ANNIE who just got ENGAGED this past Saturday! Aaron wins quite the award for the engagement story; between her day-long spa treatment, then hydroplane flight up to the San Juan Islands, complete with homemade appetizers, between him and my brother, I don't think boys get more generous than that! Aaron's been one of my dearest friends since middle school, and Annie (who's obviously amazing) and I are excited for our first "one-on-one" oh-so-soon! It's rather surreal right now...and I'm not even the one getting married!

Mwah! signing off...bleep, bleep, surreal,'s your auburn idol, cara:)


Mike said...

i tried out for a "reality" tv show once. but they said i didn't look good enough in a two piece. go figure.

any way, what else is on that list?

AP said...

thanks Cara.....I wish we went for a ride in a hydroplane but I had to settle for a floatplane