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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

popcorn and moonboppers

This weekend was FULL, but in an exhaustingly good way. Once a month I get to help lead worship, playing and singing at my church, ILLUMINATE. It's magical. I sit there...and play...and sing...and there are those moments when you're leading (and when you're participating) that you just let go of the chord changes and need to "pound" correctly and the absolute moment of the present is there.

BUT, back to the title: this afternoon, I got to rest at the Howerton's house before the last 7 pm service. Mike Howerton is the pastor, and I'm becoming more and more impressed with him as the days go on. (Dan, can I have a shared allegiance to my favorite pastor in America title?). They've got an ugly pug, Bilbo, whom I played with on the grass - and I now smell like stinky pug. Mike's wife, Jodie, had a copy of Traveling Mercies (by Anne Lamott) on the coffee table; she's read it eight times, and it happens to be one of my top two favorite books in America. [in case you're wondering, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard is the other]. Last but not least, they love Danny, and Danny loves them.

So they have this trampoline, and the kids, Alex (girl) and Caleb, decided to show it to me: "do you want to see our trampoline?!!!?" (What do you do but say yes and jump wholeheartedly?). One doesn't then know what mad trampoline-ing skills you have until you're up next to a 4 and 6 year old, and the ability to bounce is thus heightened by the sheer fact of strength and domination. (Hey, you got to give yourself those titles sometimes...). We played this game on the trampoline called "POPCORN," in which they were the kernals, and I was the popcorn MASTER. They'd sit, curled up in the fetal popcorn position, on the floor of the trampoline, and I'd start the dialogue of the popcorn popping process. (God bless strong alliteration. Amen). Though they're used to popcorn in the microwave, I decided to spice things up, and "make" popcorn on the stove. "First you put the oil in the pan..." (and they look up at me like "we're not the oil; why do you have to say that?"). Then I dump the popcorn kernals in (and they start wiggling around). Then the pan starts getting hotter and hotter (and I start bouncing around the outside - genius!), and even hotter, and then POP!!!! The popcorn starts popping! yes!!!

I think they liked the microwave version better ("but you didn't say 3.5 minutes on high")...or their dad's popcorn styling skills, for that matter. :)

It reminds me of this game, Brandon, Aleah and I used to play as kids: MOONBOPPERS. And I'm not really sure how or where we came up with it, but give us any discarded balloon, and moonboppers was on. It was a mix of volleyball, but with a balloon - and then I suppose at some point you were supposed to try and "bop" it to the moon for extra crazy points! We just stopped playing it last Christmas, so I'm sure it could easily be resurrected. :)

Today I was talking to a lady at church, Betsy, who's probably in her late 50's/early 60's. As we sat prior to one of the services, we surveyed the room, and I said (something to the effect of), "I love that the church is just not all twenty-somethings..." She then said, "You're right; even if there is a push towards a younger, "Gen X" crowd, it's not limited to age. It's for the Gen X AT HEART." I loved that thought...

So. How can I keep playing popcorn on the trampoline and moonboppers in the living room, and live that "kid at heart" lifestyle? That today is the question...


Gibbytron said...

Keep bouncing. :)

Dan said...

Well, I am OK with shared favorite pastor, but I still must retain the "coolest" title.