living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, September 04, 2006

this is how...

I landed in the Sea-Tac airport this morning at 5:21 am, much to the dismay of my spirited, Aloha-ed, wish-I-was-tied-to-a-palm-tree self. The GOOD news is that I finally got a much needed vacation, and feel ready and rested to jump into this next school year with Young Life, LIFE in general and my own heart as well. This then is how I LIVED, LOVED and LAUGHED the past 8 days...

LIVED: bought a ticket to Oahu and then to the Big Island (although it wasn't until the day before my departure to see Lily, Michael and company that I realized I'd booked it a WEEK I bought it to fly over there while I was still, whelp, on the mainland. Note to self: never book a ticket immediately after camp, and always double-check the calendar instead of thinking that the one in your head is really good and always right...). Went to the beach almost every day. Swam in water though there was a tiger shark warning...hey, you only live once, right? Jammed with Lily. Chatted with Lily, Melissa, Michael and Andy about Jesus. Swam and snorkled in Hanauma Bay. Read. A lot (which indeed, to me, is living...). Had Jesus mansions and on beaches.

LOVED: Melissa (my BEAUTIFUL sister...let's drop the "in-law" part finally...); Lily (on staff in Hilo, HI); Michael (a leader from "Wai-kafornia", HI); Andy, Lars, Shannon, Tyler and Christen, Tiffany and Nick, and of course FRANK, my god-dog!!!

LAUGHED: Good convos. Snorkeling adventures. Phase 10. Friends, and Sex and the City reruns. Getting to know my sister better, minus the brother who's underwater... Watching Melissa try the "T" in TRB for the first time; hey, you've got to spread the tofu love!

It was good times, great oldies, gangsta jams, as my friend Jessica would say. And since my AUGUST tabs are now expired in this 9th month, I stayed in today, but for a slight jaunt to the nearby lake with cutie roomie. My 30 BEFORE 30 list is almost complete, though I'm apprehensive to publish it here for fear that ya'll might actually hold me accountable to it. Oh life. Yes. Life.


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY love the picture with you and Frank= TRUE LOVE. Can't wait to see your 30 by 30 list girl! I love you Cara Heather Mac and am excited to see you soon! Hugs and smiles friend, Anna