living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a dog, a mac and a talk.

A dog: I go to look at a puppy tomorrow night...he's half lab, half beagle. Moore's, could this be Buster's long-lost mutty cousin?

A MAC: The Millers will shoot me, but I've found my heart in a MacBook laptop that's soon coming in the mail...and at that point, these blogs might just become more regular (and with pics again!).

A Talk: I'm speaking this weekend at a retreat down in the greater Bay Area with/for middle school kids. I'm stoked, though my heart is going through a wide range of emotions; the "talks" are on two DEAR subjects of the heart: Community and Love. My first reaction was WHAT ARE YOU FRICKIN DOING TO ME, LORD?! Second thought: Oh crap....this is going to do a work on my heart. And it has. Community (the group's overall theme), and Love (the 1 Corinthian passage I happen to land on) are THE two subjects I am most passionate about, but they've stirred up the deep dark portals of the heart. I want to be all about loving Jesus and loving people...and I desire it more than anything...and that's why it sucks (to put it blatantly) to be without it much of the time. Loneliness has never been a word in my vocabulary, so to experience it brings about a whole new range of emotions.

BUT - PLEASE can we have a "but"-like conjunction in this sentence?! - are we NOT the strongest when we're weakest? Because this is such an area of passion for me, am I not going to bring to the table that which someone else (who hasn't experienced the "best of times...and the worst of times..." in community) wouldn't be able to touch on? It's hit me, and it's made me question the WHYs of every equation known to man, but it's also made me VALUE and CHERISH even more deeply that which is right in front of me. It's a season. And a season is not forever. So what am I doing right here, right now, to change - and to ACCEPT - the clouded, gloomy view?

Yes. Dogs. A Mac. And a talk. Whew.


Ryan Klint said...

Good for you for getting MacBook, Cara! I ran across your comment at Murrow's site and thought I'd check out your webpage. Mac's are where its at. I've got a MacBook Pro that I LOVE! When you get it, we can videochat straight from our laptops! Oh, and my dog's name is Mac, so your posting title gave me a little shock. Hope all is well with you.

Brenda Joy said...

You're right. The Millers just may disown you. You stepped to the dark side.

Kylene said...

Oh how we love beagles...or even half-beagles : ) Can't wait to hear how your doggie interview goes. You know, we "interviewed" a couple of beagles before we found Buster! Also, Eric also loves his MacBook, so he can videochat with you and Ryan.