living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

the excuse...

My home laptop (which is nameless, unlike Zach Morris the phone and Raul the Jetta...) has officially died. A graveside service will be held in the upcoming future, and all of you can pay your respects to the many pictures and documents I'd still like to someday retrieve. Laptop - you've served me well! It's been a good three and a half years...

In the meantime, blog posts haven't happened as much... If anyone knows a steal of a deal on MACs (caramac needs an i-mac...let's just be honest here), please let me know. Also, if you know how I can score a free thousand dollars without robbing the local bank (ooh- but what if I told them about Jesus? Ahh, Christian rationalization), holla at me, yo.

Tonite is our first Wyldlife. Yippee! I will share the story of MFC - my first cavity - and somehow relate it to what Wyldlife is, and why Wyldlife leaders do what they do... Tonite some kids may realize that my "job" is more than just passing out forks in the cafeteria. Forkalicious! Hey fork-a-rana!

I started my first semester-long seminary class last night: Biblical Interpretation, and was stoked to see that all the homework assignments had to do with finding the verbs, pronouns, articles and antecedents of the sentences! Teaching English dun me good!

That's it. Prayers. Peace. Blessings, c:)


Brenda Joy said...

its a good thing my husband is a guru at saving cherished items off crashed hard drives... i know from experience :-)

one of the radio stations is doing free computer give-a-ways... I think it is 101.5. perhaps you'll have to become an advid listener and maybe win one!