living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

is mr. darcy still cute? yes....... an extent. :) For the record, he's only peed in the house ONCE today. ...though previous days boast quite higher numbers (like last night, for example: who needs to pee three times inside in LESS than a two hour period?! My puppy! Hey, it was better than the present(s) he left early that, now that was a looker. Ring around the rosy...and around, and around and around). We've started going on walks now every morning, and I'm trying to become a not-so-fair weather walker! He's certainly teaching me the art of routine...

On another note, the other day my friend Lizzy, Mr. Darcy and I were driving through CLATSKANIE, Oregon; I laughed and giggled at three coffee shop names along the "main drag":

*Some Like It Hot - Coffee AND Tanning!


*HUMP'S Restaurant and Coffee Shop. (come on people, it says HUMPS!....and I work with 12 year olds...)

So if YOU were to drive through Clatskanie, which coffee shop would you want to frequent?


Jenn said...

Cara my dear! Anchorage, AK as we drove down one of many 1-way streets (I don't recommend a visit there) I saw the most interesting of all coffee was a drive thru espresso stand that doubled as a radio station! Leave it to the Alaskans right?!

hollyannfail said...

oh my Lord, you are the FUNNIEST friend alive!!! iam linking you on MY are just killing it!! and mr. d is PRECIOUS!! :) wonderful!!!