living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

christian karma?

Maybe I do believe in karma.

If you recall, upon driving up to WA on the 680 in CA, August of 2005, a bike wheel mysteriously disappeared off the back of Raul the Jetta. I may have caused quite the collision of dodging vehicles that sunny Saturday.

This past Thursday, on the 680 in CA, two pieces of plywood slipped off of the truck in front of me. I dodged one and hit the other...but this time, it wasn't Raul the Jetta, but, er, Rosarita the '96 Jetta (aka: my buddy Libby's car). Good-bye, turn signal! So long, grill! Hello paint scratches, and welcome to this world, chunk of pressboard wedged into a random crevice of the front of the car! And finally, gooooooooooooood morning de-duc-ti-ble! (If only I had Robin Williams' voice to insert right here...).

I'm not meaning to be entirely sarcastic, just a little bit so. :)

Happy new up, or party on, Wayne! chm.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

stayin' alive

it's 1:23 am. I am still awake. It kindof makes me feel like a giddy little college school girl...but then I remember that in order to fall asleep, I need to get off the laptop, so I shall do that in just a minute. In other exciting LIFE OF CARA news (hmmmm...), here you go:

*this week I traveled down to tahoe for a little mtn. lodge reunion. my heart swelled with SMILES at seeing christie, jamie and lily. i squealed with glee at the sight of jenderr, bonnie and my hapa sister mishi. I laughed until tears with the reuniting of dan gannon.

*I got to hang out with J LO....jennifer lopez....the real deal....well, the one with jason as a husband and two cutie boys, cayton and isaac, who lives in truckee, ca.

*we snowshoed castle peak!!!

*yesterday we had a campaigners' shopping trip in seattle; I think my favorite was when danny showed up to make an appearance before pottery barn grabbed him, and the girls just ignored him. awesome. I still love them....even if don't realize how uber cool my over-18 friends are! :)

*had a great meeting with my regional director yesterday. yup.

*had hang out time with kurt and sally who no longer shall be called WOOFY AND CHAI. they have two weiner dogs, frank and beanie, who scared the crap out of mr. darcy. seriously, mr. d., you're bigger!!! be a man-dog - you can do it!

*and for the next bit of the weekend I'm hanging out with mindy and johnny in ptld; i accidentally crashed date night tonite upon not going to a party....and we all gloriously watched a brazilion sub-titled film about incest and eastern religion. it was about 2 hours and 56 minutes too long.

merry christmas. loves cara "it's now 1:31 am" mac:)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

get on the christmas cheer

here are some christmas pics to put you in the celebrative though I hate that consumerism has taken over this peaceful holiday, there are still such things like pictures with santa that I'll partake of....

Danny getting jiggy with his starlight, starbright.

Mr. darcy's first christmas. :)

Cute roommate Grace hanging up an ornament with care.

The Auburn Young Life staff (and its Christmas pic): me, Shawn, Kim, Jane and Jordan.

Have you ever been to one of those houses where they hang up their pictures with santa from every single year....yeah, I don't think I'm starting that tradition with my DOG.

Friday, December 08, 2006

fondness and shoe-ness

I am fond of footnotes. MFFT. My first footnotes were used this past week in my Fuller paper; as an Education/English major, I was an MLA kid...and then as an English teacher, I was nothing but down with MLA, but now, here in the realm of religion, we embarked on a whole new journey. A footnotes journey. And footnotes, when you're writing a paper are just fantastic; everything you want to say but think might be a little too off the beaten path - footnotes! Those further thoughts that are just going to take you out of the sphere of focused exegetical research writing - footnotes! If I could figure out how to incorporate footnotes into this blog, I think I would, but for now, parentheses will have to do....

One more brain-dead thought: I've been trying to find those all-Christmas radio stations. Why drive in the holiday season if you're not going to embark on singing the tunes as well? Long story short, I found a station...and then I heard the God's-gift-to-women commercial of commercials:

*Two women knock on the door of their girlfriend's house.
"Hey girl, we heard you were sick, so we brought you some ... SHOES!"
"Shoes?! Oh, just what I needed to feel better!!! thank you thank you thank you - new mules? The sniffles are gone!"

Of course, then it goes into a tirade about how if you're sick, the new slingbacks of the season aren't going to make you feel better - you need to go to your local practitioner...

But man, I heard that advertisement and just died. Shoe therapy - and retail therapy at that - DOES in a sick, unhealthy way make a girl feel better. Ladies (and okay, gentlemen too) out there: if I call you, sick as a dog, feel FREE to send me some chicken noodle KNEE HIGH BOOTS in the mail!


Life...much love to all, chm:)

Monday, December 04, 2006

true or false

Cara has a PHAT paper for her fuller class due thursday. true.

Cara is still in the midst of researching and hasn't started writing her fuller paper due thursday. true.

Cara hopes to finish that research today and then put her stylin' ex-English teacher skills to full-speed ahead. true.

Cara also has overnight training with young life tomorrow night and has only finished one of the assignments...out of five. true.

Cara thought she was done with her slacker, procrastination days, but apparently she's just going all out. true again.

The cool thing is that she's learning TONS about Hannah's prayer in 1 Samuel 2:1-10, and that's what she then gets to write the paper all about... true dat.

Cara now feels like that one Seinfeld "Jimmy" episode...and cara would rather be watching lots of seinfeld right now. very true.

In the meantime, there will be no creative blogs but many smart hours spent in front of the computer. wish me luck!