living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, December 08, 2006

fondness and shoe-ness

I am fond of footnotes. MFFT. My first footnotes were used this past week in my Fuller paper; as an Education/English major, I was an MLA kid...and then as an English teacher, I was nothing but down with MLA, but now, here in the realm of religion, we embarked on a whole new journey. A footnotes journey. And footnotes, when you're writing a paper are just fantastic; everything you want to say but think might be a little too off the beaten path - footnotes! Those further thoughts that are just going to take you out of the sphere of focused exegetical research writing - footnotes! If I could figure out how to incorporate footnotes into this blog, I think I would, but for now, parentheses will have to do....

One more brain-dead thought: I've been trying to find those all-Christmas radio stations. Why drive in the holiday season if you're not going to embark on singing the tunes as well? Long story short, I found a station...and then I heard the God's-gift-to-women commercial of commercials:

*Two women knock on the door of their girlfriend's house.
"Hey girl, we heard you were sick, so we brought you some ... SHOES!"
"Shoes?! Oh, just what I needed to feel better!!! thank you thank you thank you - new mules? The sniffles are gone!"

Of course, then it goes into a tirade about how if you're sick, the new slingbacks of the season aren't going to make you feel better - you need to go to your local practitioner...

But man, I heard that advertisement and just died. Shoe therapy - and retail therapy at that - DOES in a sick, unhealthy way make a girl feel better. Ladies (and okay, gentlemen too) out there: if I call you, sick as a dog, feel FREE to send me some chicken noodle KNEE HIGH BOOTS in the mail!


Life...much love to all, chm:)