living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, January 29, 2007

one FLU over the cuckoo's nest: a new play

Doctor: "You didn't get a flu shot this year, did you?"

Cara: "No, why would I? Old habits never die young. Why start now?" (wink, wink, nod, nod).

Doctor: "mwah ah ah ah ah ah........." (Doctor laughs with an evil look in his eye, as he simultaneously fills out the RX and writes a note to work that I'll be absent from work THROUGH Wednesday).


Sunday, January 28, 2007

sicky sickerson

man. sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for: in wishing for a restful weekend of finishing up my talks for winter woodleaf, instead I got a bit more than bargained for...

*fevers, chills and an achy body

*a voice that is MIA, and a cough that shoots out "fun"

*four movies: The Office (a classic), The Devil Wears Prada (sometimes I like the fashion-savvy side of life, and this movie was cute), You, Me and Dupree (lame), and The City of God (yes...though I should watch it again upon being a bit more lucid).

*two books finished: Christianity 101 for follow-up to my January theology class, and then The Power of Being a Woman, my book club book with okay. she's a little too opinionated/no room for disagreement for me.

*a realization of to-go lunch from Friday still in the trunk of my car...

*a cooped-up Mr. darcy who desperately needs a walk...

*I've also devised a tier system for being sick:
~tier 1: on the couch, staring into space, and/or sleeping :: Dead
~tier 2: cognizant enough to watch lame daytime television :: ehh.
~tier 3: slightly awake to possibly pop in and enjoy a movie :: slightly lucid
~tier 4: able to open, and/or make the fingers function on email, myspace, etc
~tier 5: maybe even able to sit up (!!!), and read a book :: now I feel slightly accomplished
~tier 6: able to work on my talks for this weekend :: aka: THE BRAIN IS FULLY FUNCTIONING. not there yet. sad face.

*As you can see, there's been plenty of thinking time - now whether or not it's information actually helpful to this world, wellllllll, we'll let that one go, but I've been off and on functioning between tiers 1-5...hoping to make it to 6 today. :)

*Props to roommate grace who's been buying me drugs (though not in a brazilian City of God sort of way:).

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

this i love...

~mr. darcy all sprawled out. he's so long now. who knew puppies grew?

~my new IPOD/nike running's amazing!! I'm sure I'm a bit technologically behind, but you put this chip into your shoe, and then attach a separate piece to your IPOD. Then, whenever you go for a run, you can program it based on distance, speed, etc. Well, you start running, and within half a mile your very own personal trainer comes on in your ear: "Congratulations. You've run .5 miles..." YES! It's brilliant! And then at the end of the workout, it tracks your miles, including average mile per minute (which can be scary, yet inspiring:).

~that mr. darcy can run 2 miles now. :) his little bones and muscles shouldn't do more, but it's a strong 2, i tell ya...

~LOVING and DESIRING jesus first. i've been stuck on this one three-page chapter in this Elizabeth Elliot book. At first I was like, oh no, another passion and purity book....arghhhhhhhhh....but this book has been AMAZING. And I've been on the same chapter now, over and over and over again for the past five days. Why? It's all about desires, and the chapter starts out with a girl lamenting over her unfulfilled desire for a mate...God, why can't you just fill this deepest desire of my heart, she asks...and whether it's that "one," whether it's community or the perfect job or whatever else on our list that we desire, the author continually goes back to THAT right there. If THAT is what we're desiring, deeper and more passionately than anything else, then where does that leave God? She profoundly then wrote that our perceived shortcomings in life - those things that God doesn't grant - are actually his MERCIES.

~tangent. But this is what I'm loving and desiring.

~oh, and one more: next weekend i have the awesome opportunity to speak at winter woodleaf, the bay area's regional wyldlife winter retreat. Well, that's not the coolest thing; the coolest thing is that TWO of my young life girls are coming with me!!! Yes., THAT I love! :)

...think of a love list right now. do it. i double dog dare you.

~love. chm.

Monday, January 22, 2007

no way....the AI saga continues.

One of my buddies just sent me this link....Heather and I may not have made the Seattle American Idol auditions, but we apparently made it in the AI slideshow! Cut and paste THIS:

Ha. ha. HA! Did you see the blue bracelet that eventually got cut off as we walked down the gauntlet of shame? AHHHHHH. This is awesome.

(Side note: MAC users....I can't figure out how to link other websites now without showing the entire link...any clue?).

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a letter to my AI fans....

Dearly devoted fans (ie: all two of you who texted me tonite to make sure I was watching season 9000 of American Idol...),

Tomorrow night, 1/17, is SEATTLE audition night. Though I just heard Paula say on an interview that "Seattle had the best disillusional people...", I'm assuming she WASN'T referring to ME since I didn't get past the cattle-herding of round 1. Apparently we're a little too caffeinated...and the makings of Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains and Nirvana don't count when it comes to finding America's next idol from the land of coffee, rain and over-priced cost of living.


I'm still watching tomorrow night, though....and perhaps you should squint your eyes in the Key Arena for my face as well. :)

Love your favorite idol, cara:)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Savannah, GA was beautiful...the Drydales were was GREAT just to be able to go and BE, without the need for entertaining.

This is my new buddy, Stevie. he's 2 and a half...and CUTE AS A BUTTON!!! (Kaylin and Molly, he's single, ladies!). I almost tried to pack him in my suitcase and bring him back to washington, but I think mandy would have gone postal on me. that, and mr. darcy would have had oldest-child jealousies going on.
This is HER....dandy mandy and caramac! Mandy and I were roommate our freshman year of college, half of our sophomore year, and then half of our senior year. She knows me better than MANY, many people because she experienced such a changing, intimate time in life! She and steve have been married for four years now, with baby numero dos, Lilly, on the way....

other than that...

Books I'm reading: Christianity 101, and then I'm finishing up (finally) Queen Bees and Wannabes. It's fascinating. Both of them.

Music that has me jumping in my pants: David Crowder's "I Saw the Light." I seriously have been bouncing in my chair...on the bus, on the plane, at Winter Training. I just can't help it. It makes me dance, and usually - bleh - icky Christian music.

Movies watched THIS weekend: Bridget Jones Diary II: the Age of Reason.....mmm, eh, well, eh. The Terminal....great, minus the fact that the setting was a little dry. har har. And....Lost in Translation! Much to the chagrin of the Millers, I thought it was fantastic, but I'm also a big fan of the indy films.

On one more note, though he apparently is ridden with gas tonite, MR. DARCY and I HAVE REUNITED...and it feels so good! Oh my precious, smelly puppy. :)

adventures in grey-hounding...

(written Friday, 1/12...)

There’s this Adventures in Babysitting image I have of the Greyhound bus (system) and its subsequent stations: sitting in the Chicago bus station sits the Babysitter’s best friend. She’s lost her glasses because the homeless lady stole them from her. She’s hungry, but doesn’t have enough money for a Coke, and they won’t take her second-hand check. The place is the epitome of dirty, and as she reaches down to pet the “kitty cat,” she soon discovers that it ain’t no pretty kitty - it’s a rat!

Guarding my suitcase and book bag, I bravely booked a ticket this morning from Atlanta to Savannah for a short two-day trip. I get to visit college roommate and dear friend Mandy before leaving GA on Sunday afternoon. You’d think that in the excitement of getting to meet her son for the first time, hanging out with her and her husband, Steve, and doting on my 8-month preggers “dandy mandy” that I wouldn’t worry about rats and getting my contacts plucked out of my eyeballs (((I mean come on, the homeless lady just took her eye glasses from off her face!))), and having to call my BFF bawling because of all these weird southern folks.

Truth be told, I’m really not that worried, but in fact, I’m pleasantly surprised. The bus is packed, though not too much that I don’t have a seat to myself. We’re 56 miles from Savannah, and I just finished reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (Justification #567: my brain is numb from Winter Training – I needed some brainless pleasure. Pleasure?). You’re not allowed to talk on your cell phone, so it’s quiet. Fir trees and deciduous trees both pack the sides of the roadway, and the dirt is a lovely, deep red. The nice bus driver has offered me his hand in stepping in and out of the bus, and there’s just something about southern hospitality that makes the hidden girlish part of my heart smile. And the sun is shining. Hard. Tomorrow we hit the Atlantic Ocean of all places – in January! – and soak up those 78 degrees for all it’s worth.

Am I ready to get off the bus? Yes. Am I so excited to see my little precious Mr. Darcy puppy in 48.2 hours? Yes. But has my perception of planes, trains and namely automobiles named Greyhound changed? Yes….and I say that without worry of any “here kitty, kitty” rat-contact today.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Just watched: CRASH...

Just finished reading: The Pursuit of HappYness...and am excited to now watch and compare the movie!

Just went to: Ebenezer Baptist Church, where MLKjr was a preacher-man...

Just searched for, while in Atlanta yesterday: ALL HAIL THE GREEN AND WHITE...Starbucks. My white chocolate americano with room never tasted so good...

Back to school...

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Once upon a time there was a girl named sweet CARA-line. Though she lived in the state of WA, sometimes her job had her traveling up and down the I-5 corridor, and then hopping on planes at 6:30 in the morning in order to fly to a land called HOTlanta. And here she sits, away from her puppy, surrounded by peers relatively her own age who are in the same boat, absorbed in seminary classes up to 10 hours a day. She's pretty brain dead already and she's still got 8 days to go. (((And you know CARA-line's tired when she just writes in 3rd person about herself).

BUT - you knew the contrastive "but" was coming, didn't you?! - she's loving it. The class this week, Film and Theology includes hours of classes, but then there's indie moving watching every day. (Day 1: The Ox...excellent. Day 2: Run, Lola, Run! How have I never seen this cult classic? and Day 3: the short Laundry and Tosca). They have the night off tonite, though she used it for catching up on reading the women in ministry articles she hadn't read before... (FYI: I strongly AFFIRM YL'S stance on's very equal-opportunity lender-esque. Ask me more in two weeks). She's now about to log out of blogger and hop in the hot tub....who knew a hot tub resided at Sharp Top Cove?

Blessings from a brain-dead girl......