living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

this i love...

~mr. darcy all sprawled out. he's so long now. who knew puppies grew?

~my new IPOD/nike running's amazing!! I'm sure I'm a bit technologically behind, but you put this chip into your shoe, and then attach a separate piece to your IPOD. Then, whenever you go for a run, you can program it based on distance, speed, etc. Well, you start running, and within half a mile your very own personal trainer comes on in your ear: "Congratulations. You've run .5 miles..." YES! It's brilliant! And then at the end of the workout, it tracks your miles, including average mile per minute (which can be scary, yet inspiring:).

~that mr. darcy can run 2 miles now. :) his little bones and muscles shouldn't do more, but it's a strong 2, i tell ya...

~LOVING and DESIRING jesus first. i've been stuck on this one three-page chapter in this Elizabeth Elliot book. At first I was like, oh no, another passion and purity book....arghhhhhhhhh....but this book has been AMAZING. And I've been on the same chapter now, over and over and over again for the past five days. Why? It's all about desires, and the chapter starts out with a girl lamenting over her unfulfilled desire for a mate...God, why can't you just fill this deepest desire of my heart, she asks...and whether it's that "one," whether it's community or the perfect job or whatever else on our list that we desire, the author continually goes back to THAT right there. If THAT is what we're desiring, deeper and more passionately than anything else, then where does that leave God? She profoundly then wrote that our perceived shortcomings in life - those things that God doesn't grant - are actually his MERCIES.

~tangent. But this is what I'm loving and desiring.

~oh, and one more: next weekend i have the awesome opportunity to speak at winter woodleaf, the bay area's regional wyldlife winter retreat. Well, that's not the coolest thing; the coolest thing is that TWO of my young life girls are coming with me!!! Yes., THAT I love! :)

...think of a love list right now. do it. i double dog dare you.

~love. chm.