living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MD loves GL

On Saturday night I was celebrating my friend Josh.....via his birthday! The sushi party had started at 7, and I just *happened* to feel the phone vibrating at 8:45; I pick it up, and it's my old roommate-for-two-months, Shannon, otherwise known as "my shanoni." Shannon is breathless, asking me if I got her message...what message? Nope. And then the news arrives: Mr. Darcy has gotten out...and he's currently running around Green Lake with five women chasing after him. They have him surrounded from the lake up to the street, and already he's jumped into the street a good 5 or 6 times, almost getting hit by the city bus at one point.

"So Cara, what should we do?" she asks. Catch him? Easier said than done.

I attempt to pay for my meal and leave Josh's party early, but it's easier said than done. In the meantime, another one of the (chasing) girls calls back, and asks me to call his name over speaker phone, for maybe THEN he'll come to them. So here I am, walking through Wasabi Bistro, while covertly (?) shouting at the top of my lungs (in a high, sing-song voice, no less), "Mr. Darcy.......Mr. boy! Come, puppy! Mr. Darcy. Mr. Daaaaaaaaaaarcy...." Yeah, it didn't work.

I leave, and here follows the rest of the text messaging conversation with Josh and Brenda:

Me: He's trapped in the tennis courts...stay tuned. :)

Josh: We're on the edge of our seats...Keep us posted.

Me: It's rather anti-climatic: I called his name and he came and sat at my feet like a smart ass. FYI: the girls had been chasing him since 8:15!


And there, an hour later, ends the night.

I love it.

Oh puppy.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Yesterday was one of those glorious mornings of sleep in, watch a movie, eat breakfast and run the dog. And the movie I happened to plop down in front of in my PJ's was a 1999 rather controversial flick, Dogma. I remember hearing about it in college, but was at an anti, anti-Christian time in life, if you know what I I didn't see it until yesterday morning.

Here follows a brilliant thought from Ben Afflack's character, an angel who got kicked out of heaven, but who's residing on earth trying to get back into heaven (because he found a loophole in the doctrine). eyes were opened, as were his.

(side note....I apologize for the language - and unfortunately, I think that's why the film caused so much controversy in the first place. People weren't able to see past the language to the film's intent).

“My eyes are open. For the first time I get it…

See in the beginning it was just us and Him, angels and God. Then He created humans. Ours was designed to be a life of servantude and worship and bowing and scraping and adoration. He gave them more than He ever gave us. He gave them a choice. They choose to acknowledge God or choose to ignore Him. All this time we’ve been down here…I’ve felt the absence of the Divine Presence…and it’s pained me, as I’m sure it must have pained you. And why? Because of the way He made us. Had we been given free will, we could choose to ignore the pain, like they do. But no, we’re servants.

…Wake up! These humans have besmirched everything He’s bestowed upon them. They were given paradise; they threw it away. They were given this planet; they destroyed it. They were favored best among all His endeavors…and some of them don’t even believe He exists! And in spite of it all, He has showed them infinite fucking patience…at every turn.

What about us? I asked you once…to lay down the sword because I felt sorry for them. What was the result? Our expulsion from paradise. Where was His infinite fucking patience then? It’s not right! It’s not fair! We’ve paid our debt! Don’t you think it’s time? Don’t you think it’s time we went home?”


cara the high schooler

Today my friend Amalea called me. She was telling me about a conversation with her four-year-old Peyton; Peyton wondered why sometimes there were bubbles in the fountain at the bottom of their subdivision, and sometimes there weren't.

"Well," Amalea said, "sometimes high school kids like to have fun and put bubbles in the fountain."

Peyton thought for a minute about all the high school kids he knew: "You mean like Cara?!"

ha ha ha ha ha.

I was dying.

Amalea and I may be the same age, but to a four year old, because I don't have little friends called children or a big friend-like man named husband trotting around, I am more so a high schooler.

This gives me a whole new perspective on not getting carded anymore.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

class this week...

Do all paths lead to God?
is Jesus really the way, the truth and the life?
is God a person?
can God then be mother as well as father?
why are christians so intolerant?
what is God's view on homosexuality...
divorce...abortion...evolution and creation...and other such matters the Church seems to take as utter importance.
can I have somewhat of a pluralist mindset...
an exclusivist mindset...
and an inclusive mindset...
without fully embracing all aspects of pluralism, exclusivism, and inclusivism?
How does this relate to a postmodern world we now find ourselves living in? How does this relate to ministry?

And Is God's love for me - and not even for me, but for each one of us - IS THAT ENOUGH?! Is God's love for humanity alone credible? And can that then "win out" any - ANY! - apologetics' argument.

I'm taking a four-day intensive class called Relational Apologetics this week down at Multnomah Bible College (shout-out, Dan the pastor man!). Dr. Paul Metzger is the prof...and with his three TA's, he's bringing it home. And, as evidenced, the class has been pretty intense just by the subject matter...

So, two days down, two to go...the crazy month of February is almost over. YAY. blessings, chm.

Monday, February 19, 2007

catch up via these pics...

The above two pics stem from the FLU a couple weeks I may have said, **8** movies were "consumed" while I was sick - which is a big deal for miss mac! Here we have Mr. Darcy fully engrossed in THE NOTEBOOK. That's right, "Allie" is in the background, and here he is unable to pull himself away. (God bless those friends who came over to save him with walks and hikes!)

Here we have another precious Mr. Darcy pic - this is merely in the car, driving home from a long couple of weeks apart when I was in HOTlanta. Need I say anything besides PRECIOUS SAUCE?!

And finally, last month we had an overnighter leader retreat in Ocean Shores; that afternoon I headed out to the beach for a little sit and think and chat time with Jesus. I just think the beach is magical. Magnificent. My heart.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

immediate thoughts on v-day '07

a date: was asked. just said no. (I learned that from Nancy Reagan...God bless that drug-free campaign in the late 80's). because...

it was "celebrate being a woman" night! slightly cheesey? yes. fabulously fun? definitely! Thank God for friends, vino and chocolate and tiramisu, pasta and bread, and of course, the dogs. :)

only annoyance of the evening: upon turning on the radio while driving up to Seattle, what song do I immediately interrupt? "EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU." I mean, come on - it was a longed for, hoped for thing in the 7th grade :: standing on the sidelines - boys on one side of the gym, girls on the other - to be asked to slow dance at Whiteaker Middle School. But must we still bust that out on Valentine's night?

I suppose it could be that I might just need to find a new radio station, too...

So yay for the newfound love: 710 Kiro, talk radio. It's about as far from Bryan Adams as one can get. :)

love to you and yours on this heart-filled day. :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

a day in the mirror

Today I started physical therapy following the accident last sunday. The PT was behind me, examining that fabulous whiplash region, and a mirror sat in front of me. I started to stare at my neck, and noticed the goiter-like protrusion sticking out of the left side. Now let's just be honest: I'd rather not be goiter-girl. I'd rather not be friend-with-the-fat-veins-that-look-like-goiters-because-that's-where-the-thyroid-gland-resides girl. But today it looked big. And as Megan the PT asked me questions on whether or not area so and so hurt, all I could look at and think about and focus on was fat-neck.

I know. I hang out with middle school kids too much. I remember reading once that they have a mirror complex, in that it's natural for them to always be thinking about themselves, so much so that they can't pass by a mirror without taking a second glance. So as I sat there in the flourescent-lit room today, I had my own everybody's-looking-at-me mirror complex moment.

Last week I took a personality/vocational placement test, and on one of the tests, the question of IMAGINATION came up. Do you often find yourself caught up in an imagination or dream in the middle of your day? Were you imaginative as a child, often playing make-believe? And as I sat there thinking "doesn't everybody? Wasn't everyone?", I was reminded that not everyone gets lost in the activities of their mind...and everyone's not like me as well. That made me giggle. If only some of you could step into my mind for a minute. it'd be fun, I tell you.

So is there a deeper meaning behind this post? Perhaps. or perhaps not. Perhaps it's just 11:23 pm, and I'm still unable to fall asleep...and on one more note, I really don't have anything against goiters, or FWG (friends with goiters), for that matter. that's all. night. :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what to say....

accidents are stressful.

I like and appreciate the Yuba-Sutter CHP.

woodleaf was magical. (and to break down walls, I opened with this attached, circa-7th grade picture:).

Jesus is huge and God is provisional.

the girls this past weekend were superstars - and hanging out with each other...that's what Young Life really is all about.

Last night holly fail saw my world for the night. she's fabulous. And so is Ben and Jerry's icecream.

Mr. Darcy is trying to learn "front," ie: COME TO MAMA!!! Or shall I say: I'm trying to teach him "front".

this weekend we have our area's middle school overnighter :: I'd like the PEEDLES to go. They're two favorite girls. pray.

that is it. love chm.