living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, February 12, 2007

a day in the mirror

Today I started physical therapy following the accident last sunday. The PT was behind me, examining that fabulous whiplash region, and a mirror sat in front of me. I started to stare at my neck, and noticed the goiter-like protrusion sticking out of the left side. Now let's just be honest: I'd rather not be goiter-girl. I'd rather not be friend-with-the-fat-veins-that-look-like-goiters-because-that's-where-the-thyroid-gland-resides girl. But today it looked big. And as Megan the PT asked me questions on whether or not area so and so hurt, all I could look at and think about and focus on was fat-neck.

I know. I hang out with middle school kids too much. I remember reading once that they have a mirror complex, in that it's natural for them to always be thinking about themselves, so much so that they can't pass by a mirror without taking a second glance. So as I sat there in the flourescent-lit room today, I had my own everybody's-looking-at-me mirror complex moment.

Last week I took a personality/vocational placement test, and on one of the tests, the question of IMAGINATION came up. Do you often find yourself caught up in an imagination or dream in the middle of your day? Were you imaginative as a child, often playing make-believe? And as I sat there thinking "doesn't everybody? Wasn't everyone?", I was reminded that not everyone gets lost in the activities of their mind...and everyone's not like me as well. That made me giggle. If only some of you could step into my mind for a minute. it'd be fun, I tell you.

So is there a deeper meaning behind this post? Perhaps. or perhaps not. Perhaps it's just 11:23 pm, and I'm still unable to fall asleep...and on one more note, I really don't have anything against goiters, or FWG (friends with goiters), for that matter. that's all. night. :)


Brenda Joy said...

We are totally lacking in Cara time. Seriously. Lacking.

Mark Hjelmervik said...

you are a smarty smart with your technical medical language and all (or maybe I am just lacking)...I had to google what a goiter is! helped me become smarter today. Thanks!