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living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Yesterday was one of those glorious mornings of sleep in, watch a movie, eat breakfast and run the dog. And the movie I happened to plop down in front of in my PJ's was a 1999 rather controversial flick, Dogma. I remember hearing about it in college, but was at an anti, anti-Christian time in life, if you know what I I didn't see it until yesterday morning.

Here follows a brilliant thought from Ben Afflack's character, an angel who got kicked out of heaven, but who's residing on earth trying to get back into heaven (because he found a loophole in the doctrine). eyes were opened, as were his.

(side note....I apologize for the language - and unfortunately, I think that's why the film caused so much controversy in the first place. People weren't able to see past the language to the film's intent).

“My eyes are open. For the first time I get it…

See in the beginning it was just us and Him, angels and God. Then He created humans. Ours was designed to be a life of servantude and worship and bowing and scraping and adoration. He gave them more than He ever gave us. He gave them a choice. They choose to acknowledge God or choose to ignore Him. All this time we’ve been down here…I’ve felt the absence of the Divine Presence…and it’s pained me, as I’m sure it must have pained you. And why? Because of the way He made us. Had we been given free will, we could choose to ignore the pain, like they do. But no, we’re servants.

…Wake up! These humans have besmirched everything He’s bestowed upon them. They were given paradise; they threw it away. They were given this planet; they destroyed it. They were favored best among all His endeavors…and some of them don’t even believe He exists! And in spite of it all, He has showed them infinite fucking patience…at every turn.

What about us? I asked you once…to lay down the sword because I felt sorry for them. What was the result? Our expulsion from paradise. Where was His infinite fucking patience then? It’s not right! It’s not fair! We’ve paid our debt! Don’t you think it’s time? Don’t you think it’s time we went home?”



james said...

Kudos for posting this one kid. Not many would think to look at a Kevin Smith film for some spiritual interest, but alas it is there. Good movie, indeed.

Gibbytron said...

I'm stealing this pic and putting it in my myspace gallery. Brilliant.