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living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


There's cage-free eggs... Free-range chickens... - both of which I support - and now I've added a third "free" to the list: Kennel-free kennels! Dogs are allowed to roam and run and play and skip and jump-free, sleep-free, eat-free, and as much as I kindof want to make fun of it, I'm a big fan.

And Mr. Darcy's heading there tomorrow afternoon...girl, you know it's true. :)

Today we went out to SUPER FUN HAPPY DOG (the local kennel-free kennel-fun place), and had an HOUR long interview. Yes, an hour. And that wasn't an interview with me, the human; that was an interview with the canine. The owners wanted to see how he socially interacts with other dogs, both in the corral area and in the woodsy forested area...and then they had me go into the office for half an hour so they could work with him on their own, apart from mama.

The result of the interview? "Well, he's not the WORST we've ever seen..." See, Mr. Darcy is what you'd call SHY...fearful...PAINFULLY scared of humans (males especially!) and other dogs that aren't puppies, smaller than him and the elderly. (I'm telling you, there was a FULL analysis going on!).


In addition, we started obedience school this past Thursday...except that since Mr. Darcy had just gotten neutered, he wasn't allowed to go. So I went by myself...and took notes.

I've already been called a nerd, an overachiever, and you can add your thought right here: ___________________. But secretly I think you think I'm a good dog owner. :)

hee hee. blessings, chm.


Dones said...

SUPER FUN HAPPY DOG?? Wasn't that a Saturday Night Live sketch? (Actually, is was Happy Fun Ball, but those of you who know the skit can appreciate it.)

I'd look it up on YouTube, as I'm sure it's there, but I'm at work (on break) and YouTube doesn't work on these machines.

I hope your baby enjoys his time at SUPER FUN HAPPY DOG!